Coach: Sharan Bharaj | Founder of Creative Dynamic and Life, Executive, Corporate Coach

Sharan Bharaj - Corporate CoachSharan Bharaj is the Founder of Creative Dynamic and a Life, Executive, Corporate Coach. Creative Dynamic is an organisation that facilitates positive and dynamic self development, We believe in continuous improvement and are committed to empowering others to achieve their potential. Our clients enjoy a ‘creative’ and ‘dynamic’ relationship with their coach. This creates the space for clients to hear their own answers and find the courage to take action. It enables clients to move from where they are now to where they want to be. We offer a number of executive coaching programmes, leadership and wellness coaching as well as life coaching.

Pricing: From £40 a session

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information or to experience a complimentary session. Click here to view my website.

Why would you need a Life, Executive, Corporate Coach?

A life coach is an individual who supports and encourages you to fulfill your potential and really make the most of your life. A life coach can help to empower you to take control of certain areas of your life, for example, career, confidence/self belief, finances, health, relationships, spirituality and/or work/life balance.

People enlist the services of a coach because they want to improve their situations and achieve goals. They want to learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations, in order to get better results. Common goals might be being more organised and effective at work, gaining confidence in certain situations, or simply relating to other people more effectively.

WeAreTheCity are happy to provide a list of coaches that you may consider engaging with either as a life coach or as a careers coach.  However, we advise all our members to research all individuals prior to engagement to ensure the right fit.


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