She’s a phenomemum! But who is helping behind the scene?

She’s a phenomemum

But who is helping behind the scenes?   A great nanny could change your life.

The rise of the supermum, has left all us mere mortals feeling a little overwhelmed and under the impression that we are underachieving.   The media shows us women who manage the gym before 7am, glide off to networking cocktails after work as well as having time to tuck their beautiful children into bed.  Running the gauntlet of school runs and getting to your desk by 8.30am looking clean and serene is no mean feat whilst having free time to take a long bath or read a book for most women is a long forgotten dream, at least in the early days of motherhood.

Previous generations were more likely to have aunts and grandparents on hand to help out, but in the modern world of global living and incredibly high house prices it’s rare that we have relatives living in the same road.

having someone spending time with your child or managing your home is not something to enter into lightly, as a huge amount of trust is involved.

When I was growing up we lived next door to my grandparents so essentially I had two sets of parents.  But my sister who recently became a mum for the first time lives many miles from our mother and is feeling the pressure of managing home, work and baby.

Childcare is now an essential part of our life kit, so having a nanny or maternity nurse is not just a luxury for the very rich.  Although having someone spending time with your child or managing your home is not something to enter into lightly, as a huge amount of trust is involved.   But an experienced nanny can make a significant and positive impact on a child’s development and become a real valued member of the family or a maternity nurse can be there as added security and back up to help as you ride the nerve-racking waves of motherhood.

Here at Eden Nannies and Maternity we love what we do.  We have spent the last 15 years providing the best and most qualified nannies to clients all around the globe.  We police check, reference and personally interview all our candidates so that you can be sure that the person who is looking after your child is the best qualified and the right personality for your family.  Whether you need a part-time nanny or a full time live in Mary Poppins governess call our team at Eden and we will be happy to help.


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Eden Nannies, Maternity & Private staff is offering a 15% discount on their placement fees until the end of June 2012. We cover London, the UK and the rest of the world.

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