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A Women’s Secret Insurance

You take out home insurance, car insurance and health insurance – yet the chances of suffering domestic abuse alone are more than all of these combined. Over one in four women are impacted by this – be it through physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial means. Do not run the risk of becoming another statistic.

With 5chi, in just one day, we teach secret mentalist techniques that bypass strength, reflexes and allow you in hours to master the physical. We also cover mental, emotional, spiritual and life defence giving you the preventative tools to protect and insure all areas of your life.

5Chi for women only is bought you exclusively within the Women’s University Club, Mayfair London – a safe luxury environment. For less than the price of an intensive driving course, insure you will never have to fear abuse on any level and gain the tools to take control of your life.

Come and sign up for the 5Chi intensive 1-Day Course and insure peace of mind and protection for yourself, your friends and your family today at

Book here using discount code 5CHIWATC to get your intensive one-day course for just £295 instead of £335.

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What Is 5Chi?

Mentalism within a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual defence form – simply put. Everyone knows of famous mentalists who create magical-like effects using forms of mind control, but what if that could be created within the body? This is where 5chi comes in, through specific levels of awareness to force people into auto responses. This means you can learn a skill for life in a fraction of the time, tearing down situations in matrix style vision. No strength, no reflexes, no fancy techiques, no high level of fitness, no more years of effort needed ever again for life.

5Chi female defence is a solution for women, everyday women:

Everyday women do not have time for:

  • Lots of physical combat training
  • Overly active fitness pursuits
  • Developing strength or reflexes
  • Wading through combat systems
  • Years to learn an invaluable skill set for life​


  • No equipment or special gear needed.
  • No monthly fees or hidden costs.
  • No more years of training.
  • No more travelling to unsafe areas or unsettling environments to learn.
  • A one-off, one-day commitment for a life-time of knowledge.

5Chi is:

  • A Secret for Women only
  • Convenient within one day
  • Safe and Secure at the Women’s University Club, Mayfair London (UK)
  • Instinctive and Intuitive
  • Empowering and Revolutionary

Calendar and Special Discount for We Are the City Members

Book before the end of May using discount code 5CHIWATC to get your intensive one-day course for just £295 instead of £335.

For the price of just a gym-membership or intensive driving-course come learn secret skills that will change your life forever.


*One Day Courses take place on: Sat 15 July, Sun 16 July, Sat 12 August, Sun 13 August, Sat 23 September, Sun 24 September, Sat 14 October, Sun 15 October, Sat 18 November, Sun 19 November.

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