In Her Shoes | Robin Savchuk, International Treasurer, BNY Mellon

Robin SavchukRobin Savchuk is the International Treasurer for BNY Mellon. In this role, she is responsible for non-US treasury activities in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Savchuk is a member of BNY Mellon’s Corporate ALCO Committee and chairs the Regional ALCO Committees in EMEA and APAC. She is also Chair of the Board of Directors for BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited, a Director on the Board of BNY Mellon Holdings (UK) Limited and Deputy Branch Manager for BNY Mellon SA/NV London Branch.

Savchuk is a Canadian national, although has been living and working in different countries and international organizations for over 25 years including ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, Citibank in Bahrain, and Kajima Corporation in Tokyo.

Savchuk holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role (eg what you studied, school, where you grew up, how you ended up in your current role etc)

I am a Canadian national and have been living and working in different countries and international organisations for over 25 years including BNY Mellon in London, ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, Citibank in Bahrain, and Kajima Corporation in Tokyo. I joined BNY Mellon in February 2010 as a Managing Director in the role of International Treasurer responsible for managing the company’s Corporate Treasury activities across EMEA and Asia-Pacific. I am also a Director on the Board of BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited, BNY Mellon Holdings UK Limited, and a member of BNY Mellon’s Operating Committee.

On a typical workday, how do you start your day and how does it end?

Corporate Treasury is such an exciting place to work and is at the heart of the company’s operations. Within Corporate Treasury you see first-hand which business lines are impacting the balance sheet, liquidity and capital positions, and interest income. Corporate Treasury is closely connected to the financial markets as the team is responsible for managing funding and liquidity positions within various regulatory requirements, recovery and risk appetite limits.

As my responsibilities cover two regions, my mornings typically focus on Asian issues and my afternoons are dedicated to European matters. As BNY Mellon is a US company, with its headquarters in New York, the afternoons often extend into the evenings!

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

When I graduated from university in Canada, all I wanted to do was travel throughout Asia. We didn’t have internet or suitcases on wheels back then! My backpack was full of shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits along with one office dress in case I had the opportunity to interview along the way.   Through a temp agency in Tokyo, I found my first job at a large construction company in Japan where I worked on English-language contract documents for large scale civil works projects in the firm’s international risk management division. It wasn’t until I was 27 years old, and had finished my fifth year in Tokyo, that I really knew what I wanted to do from a career perspective, and that was banking. Having zero prior experience in the markets or financial services industry, I started gathering advice from friends on how I could find a job on a trading room floor. Sheer determination propelled me forward. I got a break and landed a job as an entry level money market trader in Citibank Bahrain. That experience changed my life and set me on course to achieving my career objectives.

What do you love about working for BNY Mellon?

BNY Mellon is a very special place to work. The culture is designed around delivering strong performance as a team, empowerment, investing in people, and leveraging different values and perspectives. It’s one of the nicest and most collegiate organisations that I have worked for. I feel very proud to work for BNY Mellon.

How have you benefited from coaching, mentoring or the sponsorship of others?

Along my career journey through Japan, Bahrain, the Netherlands, and the UK, I have always found mentors that provided me with wisdom and guidance. Having a mentor was especially important for me as I worked across different countries and cultures. I always had self-chosen mentors, people whom I respected and who had character traits that I wanted to emulate. Now that I am more senior in my career, I participate in multiple coaching and mentoring schemes as a Mentor through BNY Mellon’s Women’s Initiatives Network, WIN. I enjoy listening to people and sharing my experiences in the hope of building mentees’ confidence so that they may achieve their career goals. Through WIN, our members enjoy traditional, reverse, and cross-company mentoring opportunities. I have seen first-hand the transformative power of mentoring and encourage all individuals to participate in such programmes.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m very excited about the future as it holds so many opportunities and adventures. It’s all about enjoying the journey, continuing to challenge yourself, and living life.

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