Sign of the times: jobs that are dying out


It’s not for anyone to say what career path you should choose but it’s probably a good idea to get in the know when it comes to the job market.

Browse jobs with us on The Job Auction if you’re curious what’s out there today. The future is already here and with it comes a whole swathe of new roles. Unfortunately due to that, there will also be some jobs that are feeling the pinch and soon could find themselves out of business.

Delivery Driver

Technology is going to be the primary reason behind the jobs mentioned in this article’s futures looking bleak. The specific piece of innovative tech that seems to be putting a lot of delivery drivers out of a job is the drone. Drones are now commonplace as well as cheap and with Amazon already utilising these robots as opposed to good old fashioned man power, soon other delivery company’s will inevitably go with the new boys because its just so much cheaper and more efficient. Anything will shall able to be delivered via drone by 2030.

Travel Agent

In-house members of travel company’s will no longer be needed in the not-so-distant future. If you think about it, when was the last time you consulted anything other than a computer screen when it came to booking your next holiday? The information is available at your fingertips and doesn’t require you to pick up your keys and head down to the high street, or even your phone. Everything is done for you.


This one might take a little longer than the others to properly go extinct as the technology and people’s safety concerns will likely need to be addressed. Would you get into a pilot-less plane? It’s obviously a possibility and the technology already exists but implementing it into airlines is more expensive than drone technology and as such, while the future will definitely be on autopilot, so far a lot of pilot’s jobs are reasonably safe.


Software developers work at a lightning fast pace, a pace that would make the rest of our heads spin and now a company’s finances will be worked out automatically. Software like QuickBooks can capture and analyse data quicker than any human can, also new artificial intelligence can produce written reports integrating the various data sources that it was previously used to analyse. Accountants and bookkeepers mathematical acumen is impressive but it’s never going to be a match for an A.I.’s.


Google have already designed technology which helps you to translate your language immediately. You speak, it translates, your partner in communication speaks and it translates back. It’s not yet perfected and has made for some wonderfully awkward silences but it’s clear that technology is on its way there. Globalisation has also made sure that even more people than ever before speak more than one language and even more people speak English as a second or first language. Soon miscommunication will be a thing of the past (hopefully).

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