Six in ten office workers believe coronavirus will relax remote working policies in the long run

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Six out of ten office workers believe that coronavirus will help relax remote working policies in the long run, according to new research.

The research, conducted by Glassdoor, found that sentiment towards working from home is widely very positive, with 76 per cent of those surveyed saying they support a mandate from their employer to work from home due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

With extensive developments in broadband technology, video conferencing and instant messaging platforms over the past five to ten years, 67 per cent of respondents said that technology allows them to be flexible about where they work, yet still get their job done.

The survey found that only 14 per cent would not be able to perform their job from home.

The survey also found that there were advantages to working from home – 46 per cent of office workers said they would be equally as productive working from home as in the office, while 19 per cent said they would be more productive working from home. A further 42 per cent say that the biggest advantage of working from home is that they can work at their own pace and manage their time better. Thirty eight percent of those surveyed by Glassdoor say that working from home gives them a better work-life balance and 28 per cent say that it is more compatible with family life.

For some people though, home is simply quieter: 27 per cent say that they have fewer distractions and can get more work done at home and a further 27 per cent say they can get chores and errands done without the need to commute.

It’s not just about time and work-life balance though, working from home is a big boost to the wallet. The number one advantage of working from home for UK office workers is that they save money by eliminating commuting costs. Furthermore, 34 per cent said they can cook for themselves and thereby save the money they would have spent on lunch at work.

Speaking about the research, Joe Wiggins, Careers Expert at Glassdoor said, “This is the week that many employees based in the UK have been advised to work from home, and for many this might be a new experience.”

“Luckily, our figures suggest that office workers will adapt to this new way of life pretty quickly, with many even revelling in the fact that they will be more productive, save money and will find a better work-life balance.”

“It is still early days in this unprecedented situation, but if people are as productive as they say they are, who knows what impact this will have on liberating work from home policies in the long term.”

“Perhaps the office as we know it is a thing of the past?”

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