Six work mantras that work, whatever the role

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I find a great way to ground myself is to think back on what I’ve learnt through my varied career.

I’ve been in a range of roles in anything from small consultancies to multi-nationals. But I always come back to certain mantras that remain the same, wherever I am.

Never lose sight of the customer

Good process is important, but often, in spending time streamlining and improving processes internally, the customer gets lost. Businesses must evolve, but ensure that you check back before making major adaptions and ensure that whatever changes are being made will ultimately benefit the most important person in the equation: the customer.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Planning has always been crucial to me – the best results have always come from advance planning. It’s important to lay the foundations for success and start early, wherever possible. Even if it feels time consuming in a frenetic period, it is time well spent. As we said in a previous company, hope is not a strategy.

Experience broadens horizons

From each role I’ve made sure to take what I’ve learnt and built on it. Embrace a new position as a chance to work with a different team and get a fresh perspective. There’s no such thing as a bad role – even if you know it’s ultimately not for you it will always provide a good learning experience. Make sure you use what you’ve learnt to your advantage in the future.

Successful teams run themselves

Don’t ever fear returning from a holiday and hearing that no, there haven’t been any problems when you’ve been away. As you get more senior, your role isn’t always around being in the middle of a good team but creating one that will run itself. Being pivotal doesn’t always mean being hands-on.

Ensure everyone is valued

I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on teams throughout my career because it’s important to realise that no one can function in isolation. People perform best when they feel valued and part of a strong team. Don’t just play lip service to this – ensure everyone has regular forums to help them stay motivated and appreciated.

Keeping in touch is key

Networking has been invaluable; over the years I have built up a large network by keeping in touch with people I have worked with from different industries and different roles. This has really enabled me to ask trusted people for advice when I need it, help solve problems for me or others, or to generate business. It is really rewarding to be able to connect business people together that can help each other and I love being able to recommend people from my network.

About the author

Danielle Rodriguez is Director, Sales Strategy and Operations at data collection agency, Viga.

She has held senior sales positions in a range of industries throughout her career, building teams and generating growth.

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