Sixty – Six Days to New Year’s Eve and Still Counting…

Well where do I start?

Twenty days ago, I got very inspired by my work colleague who voluntarily offered to introduce his successful and single friend.  I went ahead and created a timeline in keen anticipation of probable possibilities, as you all know by now. Well if only wishes were horses as they say!

I got let down by this colleague. Because he never came through as expected!

Taking matters into my own hands (and no I haven’t crossed out to the psycho camp to start stalking folks),  I did what I always do, go out with the girls for a drink.  Sadly that was a huge disappointment too!

One of my major turn offs as you would have guessed by now, are guys who talk about their material possessions and / or  those who get their identities from their jobs!  Yeah you’re employee number XXXXX and you think it’s cool to gloat about that?!!; Please!!  It’s really funny because the real McCoys don’t even want you to know what they do for a living! The real ones exude an unspoken vibe that makes them so attractive you just wanna be around them!  And that’s what I want to hook into! Not the blubbers!

So it was just my luck that  I got talking to this guy at the bar who seemed nice at first –  he was all jolly at the beginning and I must say the conversation was going really well.. until he opened his mouth and blurted out about how difficult things could be around the B Square and how he just finished a deal which would directly put him in the good graces of his boss! Oh please give me a break!  Thing is, if you’re hanging around the BSquare around happy hour, chances are that you work in the area and secondly, if you’re hanging out in the place that we’re hanging out at you really don’t have to mention status.. just slip your card and let the chick marinate on your status!

Well, it’s just my good luck that it’s always the wrong ones who come my way!

So now, it’s 66 days to year-end and the outlook is still a bit gloomy like the forthcoming London storm! So gloomy!

At the very least I’m not sweating about whether I’ll get that mistletoe smooch in the end. As you know, ‘Hopeful’ is my middle name!

Staying focused as always



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About the author was created to test out a new phenomenon!! We hear of countless stories where women (and many women around the world) go on a date, maybe once or twice…. get to know the guy and then as soon as she makes up her mind that this is the guy that she would like to have in her life… the guy suddenly turns cold towards her!!! Sounds familiar? What happened? How did this nice guy who was pursuing you countlessly suddenly turned cold the moment you started to show an interest in him? Why did he change his attitude? Why did he stopped calling, stopped texting, cancelled the date (with an excuse— I’m sick! and never called back)

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