Skills that give women a sustainable advantage over men

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There’s no argument that women are gaining the advantage over men in the workplace.

Right now, nearly 52 per cent of managerial positions are held by women. However, not everyone sees the value women bring to the workplace, as only 28 out of the 1000 CEOs in the Fortune 1000 list are female. Here are the skills that women have that give them a sustainable advantage over men, and how you can use them to get ahead.

Women see the opportunity in everything

Women are better known for being able to see opportunities where others can’t and taking advantage of them. They see the value in everyone, whether it’s their business partners, co-workers, clients, even their friends and neighbours. Because of this, they’re more likely to start something new and exciting in the workplace. When women are enabled to make decisions and take charge in the workplace, they can create some new and bold choices for their businesses.

Women value teams and teamwork        

Teamwork is something that all businesses value, as they need their businesses to thrive. What many don’t know, though, is that women are the best people to make teams work together. Academized have found that women are much more likely to make everyone in a team feel listen to, and help them get their ideas heard by the whole group. Women will hold the team together, as they value the importance of listening to everybody.

Women value good relationships

There’s a reason why women are known to stick together, especially in the workplace. This is because they’re much more inclined to value the relationships they have and work on them. While men may decide to give up on a work relationship if it gets too difficult, women will nurture that relationship. That means that they’ll get the most out of it and get more opportunities than their male counterparts.

Women are master networkers

One would think that men are better at networking in general, but in fact, it’s women who have the upper hand here. This is thanks to the way they network with others. ‘Women are much more likely to help others out, especially other women’ says manager Neela Kay from State Of Writing. ‘That means that women are much more likely to work with one another and give each other a leg up, as they know the favour will be returned.’

Women are natural givers

Ever wonder why so many charitable organisations are run by women? This is because women are known just be much more natural givers than men. In the workplace, this translates to them giving others their time and attention, lifting them up where needed. This means that their businesses thrive and move forward, as the best talent is being championed. Women are better long-term strategic thinkers, so they’ll put other people ahead of themselves if they think it’s better for the business as a whole.

Women are much better communicators

The stereotype of women talking more than men isn’t entirely true, but it is true that women are much better communicators than men. They can get across what they need to others in their workplace, and explain to others what needs to be done for them to succeed. This works when they’re writing, too. ‘Women can get their point across well in writing’ says uk dissertation writer Angela Finn. ‘They understand that writing is missing some of the subtleties of face to face communication, so they’ll take care to really get across what they mean to say.’

These are just a few reasons why women are better placed to succeed in the workplace. Why not take advantage of these traits yourself at work?

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