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This report on skills and trends within gender main streaming in VET (Vocational and Educational Training) for the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector, has been produced with a view to have potential impact on current and future VET practice and respective guidelines aimed at VET stakeholders, (especially VET providers, trainers, and policy makers). The results and outputs from the following workpackages have been used as a basis of this report in order to identify trends and skills needs emerging from the research carried out under the gender it project to date:

  • Workpackage 2: The State of Affairs and Knowledge Pooling
  • Workpackage 3: Benchmarking
  • Workpackage 4: Peer Review
  • Workpackage 5: Trends and Skills
The main objective of Workpackage 5 overall as stated in the project proposal is:

– To identify trends in gender mainstreaming in VET for ICT and resulting impact on VET practices, especially in terms of skills requirements for trainers.

This report aims to summarise trends identified in the area of gender mainstreaming in VET, focusing particularly on the skills implications of these trends for current and future trainers in ICT.

Download full report here

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