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WATC Loves this month – Sleep-In Rollers

Sleep-In Rollers are the product of the moment and loved by a host of celebrities such as Rochelle Wiseman, Tamara Ecclestone, Katie Price and Amy Childs who loved them so much she has just launched her own range of purple rollers with the brand.

Designed to flatten under pressure so you can sleep easy, these iconic rollers, that are available in original pink, mega bounce, black, brown, blonde and glitter, will leave you with big bouncy hair in a matter of minutes when you wake.

All items are available from with prices starting from £17.95 (in p&p).

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1 Response
  1. I used these during the 70s and 80s before the bendy sticks came out. They are easy to use and do not disturb sleep. The hard bit is getting them out of the hair in the morning. Because they are made of velcro type material anyone with fine hair will have a problem with them – all I can say is remove with care.