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Fsmilepod logoor too many people, finding a dentist and overcoming personal fears about dental treatments are big barriers to achieving a healthy mouth.

That’s why Smilepod is bringing high-quality professional dental care to the high street in the form of walk-in dental hygiene in London.

Our pledge: to make the very best oral care available to all, in an inviting environment and at an affordable price. Our highly-trained team of dentists will clean or whiten your teeth in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Brightening up a smile is the simplest, fastest makeover – and it’s available to everyone. Brighten up your smile at Smilepod – an exciting new concept that makes professional oral care as convenient as a trip to the hairdresser or optician.

Our mission is to help you defeat your ‘tooth demons’ and give you the know-how and support you need to enjoy a healthy mouth for life.


Beautiful, clean teeth are key to the way we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us.  We all try to look after our teeth: we brush, we floss, we use mouth wash regularly, but sometimes that isn’t enough to remove the toughest plaque deposits and give a polished smile.

The Smilepod pledge is to bring you the very best dental hygiene in London. Turn to our highly qualified team for the oral care you need to look and feel great.


If you’re happy with the shape of your teeth but don’t like the colour, then Tooth Whitening may be for you.  We know that long term stains, built up through years of coffee, tea, red wine or cigarettes, can be tough to budge. Come to Smilepod for professional tooth whitening services to banish those stubborn stains. Our caring, highly qualified dentists will talk you through the options from at-home packages to laser teeth whitening in London.


Now, for a smile that transforms your appearance, Smilepod also offers Invisalign tooth straightening: the easiest, most comfortable way to tidy uneven teeth without anyone even  noticing your invisible braces. You could say Invisalign is all about straightening teeth without braces.


Mouth guards help protect your teeth during contact sports and if you’re prone to grinding or clenching your teeth at night. At Smilepod we offer a range of custom made mouth guards and gum shields for you to choose from.


Our Rejuvenating and Smoothing Facial Treatments help to relax the muscles in your face which over time have led to the formation of lines and wrinkles. After a few days you’ll enjoy seeing a more relaxed youthful appearance and smoother, younger looking skin. What better way to enhance your smile?


  • Smilepod Bank Studio (Leadenhall Market – off Fenchurch Street) – 18-20 Cullum Street, London EC3M 7JJ
  • Smilepod Canary Wharf Studio – Canada Place, Canary Wharf Shopping Mall, London E14 5HX
  • Smilepod Covent Garden Studio – 23 Rose Street (off Long Acre) London WC2E 9EA
  • Smilepod Soho Studio – 56 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7NN

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