Smithfields Bar & Grill, (nrst Station/Tube St Pauls/Farringdon)

Smithfields Bar & Grill, (nrst Station/Tube St Pauls/Farringdon)

WATC Review: The Smithfield Bar & Grill is a great find. The bar staff were very attentive and the drinks menu was second to none. They not only stock a full range of superbly displayed cocktails, their milkshakes, smoothies and non alcoholic stimulant cocktails are fantastic. The Bar tender recommended a Number 2 Fling which was a blend of fresh raspberries, white peach puree & fresh orange juice. It certainly hit the spot and helped my hangover from the previous night. The prices are excellent if you compare them to the juice bars you see around the stations. The wine was served perfect by the glass at around £4.50 for a large one. The atmosphere was excellent at the bar and around the dining areas with a large mix of women, men, office workers and casually dressed patrons. Well worth the travel to this bar.   We didnt try the food on this visit but it certainly looked good.

The Bar & Grill,

2-3 West Smithfield, EC1A 9JX

T: 087 0442 2541

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