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Women are generally more afraid of failure than their male counterparts, according to research which found that in all but seven of the countries surveyed, women represent a minority of the nation’s entrepreneurs.

The seven economies where there are as many or more women as men entrepreneurs are Panama, Thailand, Ghana, Ecuador, Nigeria, Mexico and Uganda.

Hang our heads in shame, ladies, that these third world women albeit in a different culture, are ahead of us who live in the world’s fifth largest economy.

Yes, I accept that the proportion of small and medium-sized companies run by women is increasing in the UK. Yet there are still more women with great entrepreneurial ideas who need the support to help their businesses thrive and survive.

It’s estimated that if women set up businesses at the same rate as men, the UK would have an additional one million entrepreneurs. Think what that would do for women plus giving a big shove to the economy.

Even if you don’t wish to start the idea you sketched out at the kitchen table you must be interested in improving your business with fresh ideas and initiatives?

This is why I draw your attention to a a website set up by the government to give “support, advice and inspiration for growing your business”. It itemises places, organisations and networks, as well as advice and resources whether you want to develop that idea or simply have up-to-date business information.

If you are familiar with this site, well and good but for many this might be a good time to investigate a wealth of constructive ideas whether you seek information behind a potential entrepreneurial idea or see an Eureka nugget which opens a door to a new opportunity.

It’s a FACT that many women don’t have the self-assurance to strike out on their own. They may have the ideas, the brains and bags of energy but lack that crucial confidence without which little can be progressed.

I mention our lack of confidence fairly regularly but I remember a story which may be true (well it sounds true): a company advertising a well-paid job attracted few applications from women. After consulting a psychologist they REDUCED the salary and female applications flooded in.

This is the go to site:

Business Support Helpline 0300 456 3565 and after speaking to them, they seem keen to help the female business community.

The categories on the site include:
  • Business skills: resources to help develop the skills you need to start or grow your business
  • Skills Toolkit: an online self-assessment tool designed to help identify gaps in your knowledge, experience and confidence, and help to find the training and support to fill them when starting or improving a business
  • Mentors: an important source of information and guidance to help and support you at different stages of your business life
  • Finance: wide range of finance help with advice and information to access affordable and appropriate finance
  • Women’s Business Networks: telling you about events, support, advice etc
  • Events Finder: knowledge gives you power so learn from local business-related training, workshops, networking events and seminars in the UK
  • Flexible working: the rules, implementation and the benefits
  • Childcare: get help paying for this

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