Is social media finally becoming a positive tool for businesswomen?

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The likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have caused their fair share of controversy over the years, as they’ve often allowed the stereotype of women to be objectified and pushed to the forefront of an unbalanced gender representation.

But things have been gradually moving direction over recent years, and it’s hard not to notice that more and more women seem to be dominating both social media and the workplace.

Social media is opening more doors for women in business, and here are a few ways that it appears to be becoming a positive tool in doing so.

It gives women a voice

Women have been misrepresented in the media for many years and it’s been tough for them to find confidence in developing and owning a successful career – until now!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of female accounts that have been set up on social media, with the aim of encouraging women to find their voice, build their self-esteem and get together to raise awareness of the changes that are needed in society and the workplace.

You shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there, because the more discussion that’s created around topics such as gender equality and pay, the more it will be talked about and recognised. Use social media to follow accounts aimed at empowering women, because it can be easy to feel isolated sometimes and it doesn’t have to be that way!

It encourages women to celebrate each another

The human instinct is not always to celebrate someone else’s success, as it can bring about feelings of failure and disappointment. For women, this is particularly true, and most likely because we’ve been genderised in the past.

Women are slowly breaking the stereotype though, and creating a positive impact in the business world through social media campaigns that have gained credible recognition.

It’s important not to avoid your competition on social media, because joining forces with fellow businesswomen will provide you with positive inspiration and guidance on your own journey. Often, it’ll empower you further and give you the boost that you need to make a success of your own career.

If you don’t give praise or empower others, how can you expect it back?

It gives female business owners a chance to build relationships  

Facebook is the original social media platform, Twitter is the more male-dominated platform, and Instagram is quickly becoming the tool of choice for women. Of the 108 million active users, Instagram has 58% female users compared to 42% male. While that may not sound all that drastic, that specifically equates to 7.5 million more females. Yes, really!

In terms of business related accounts, there are currently some hashtags that have caught on and created a female business community. Hashtags are the most effective way of bringing similar women together, and this is demonstrated with the likes of #girlboss having 6.9 million uses, #womeninbusiness having 2.7 million and #womenempowerment having 1.1 million.

Instagram’s recent ‘stories’ addition to the app has also been hugely popular for female business owners, in promoting products, driving engagement and raising awareness of brands through extra photos and videos.

Taking people behind the scenes of your business on social media is a great way to build stronger connections with customers, especially if you bring a sense of personality into what you do.

It creates entrepreneurial opportunities

Social media has provided the platform for many women to show the world what they can offer; because they tend to be more open to allowing people into their life, sharing more personal information and being more vocal and expressive.

Female entrepreneurs are spending more time using social media to reach out to their prospective customers by promoting their business, while collaborations are becoming increasingly popular to increase awareness of up and coming businesses.

It’s worth using social media to find out what other successful businesswomen are doing in your industry of interest, because their engagement and following will be a true reflection of their success. Remember that if someone else is doing it well, then it’s possible for you too – as long as you have the same passion and drive.

It opens doors for roles in Digital Marketing and Social Media

Not only have women of this generation grown up with technology at their fingertips; they’ve also had the opportunity to be self-taught, which has created new paths for women in the digital industry.

While men are still very much dominating the more high-tech roles, women are starting to make their mark in digital marketing, social media and communications roles. There is still a lack of women in senior/management roles in the industry, but a slow and steady change is better than no change!

If you have a real determination and passion to make it in the digital world, make sure that you keep it going by using social media – because there is a huge opportunity for women to modify the industry in years to come.

Most tech jobs are advertised on social media because the employers know that’s where their best candidates will be most active, so make strong connections and make it known that you’ve got something to offer.

It feels as though this really is only the beginning when it comes to women using social media to assist them in becoming successful businesswomen, and particularly as entrepreneurs and digital experts. Social media has been the platform, but it’s the women of the world who have driven the movement forward!

Leila Wright writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate jobs agency who specialise in matching career starters with their dream internship.

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