Free childcare policy needed says Women’s Equality Party’s Sophie Walker

A policy of offering free childcare would get the economy moving for the benefit of all, Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) has stressed.

Women's Equality Party Sharing the party’s views on childcare, during the BBC’s Daily Politics programme, Walker said WEP would prioritise investment in the “social infrastructure” of the country.

Walker explained how free childcare would transform lives, increase the tax base and mean fewer people on out-of-work benefits.

WEP is fielding seven candidates in the upcoming June general election.

She said WEP voters would recieve a “better option” because their candidates are from diverse backgrounds and therefore are “new and fresh” voices.

According to Walker policies that are designed to work for women would result in a political system that worked better for everyone and that investing in free childcare in the same way previous governments had invested in physical infrastructure  would “have a positive knock-on for everyone in a very, very positive way.”

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