Sorry Karl, Chanel’s yellow mascara is not quite mellow on the lash

Among the metallic blue and coral nail colours and soft peach and raspberry lipsticks you’ll find mascaras in blue, green, and – surely the most challenging to pull off – yellow.

The new collection is said to have been inspired by butterflies, and you’ll find their new eye shadows come in some pretty crazy colour palettes too, including pink, green and blue.

It’s all great fun but you have to wonder who can actually sport yellow mascara without looking like they’re suffering from some sort of weird eye infection?

Chanel’s beauty looks at their shows have long pushed boundaries. They were one of the first fashion houses to embrace elaborate, luxe lashes and they’ve sent their models down the runway wearing everything from bejewelled eyebrows to tattoo transfers. But that’s the catwalk. Cara Delevingne and her ilk might get away with yellow lashes but I fear the rest of us might not be so fortunate. I’ll certainly be sticking to black this summer. Sorry, Karl.

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