Spread your bets, it’s dating after all!

Spreading bets is wisdom shared by the old!! And I think there are many truths to be found in that saying. Many tend to casually refer to this concept differently –  sometimes,  we are advised not to put all our eggs in one basket, others  refer to the same concept as diversification, others advice us to improve your odds/chances by investing in many things, all to mean –  spread your bets!!

When it comes to dating, I believe it is also safe for me to spread my bets, diversify until I assign myself to the one and only (which will hopefully be the point when I am  very sure that I have found the one!). Why concentrate all my energy into one when we are both  still trying to establish if the other is the true love that we both have been searching for all this while!

I have grown up knowing that dating more than one guy is frowned upon and probably not the best qualities of a lady

Dating is not necessarily a numbers game, far from it, however, I feel that for some of us, there are great benefits in  spreading our interests onto a wider pool on the path to true love, rather than focusing all our energy on one.   I absolutely feel that there is nothing wrong in doing so.  You see, if you have been following the story to date, you would realise that the Journey Model isn’t necessarily the most easiest of models to follow when you are interested (or lusting) in a guy! Usually what happens is that I would  think I like a guy, excitement may lead to misinterpreting the real meaning of what the guy is saying, and maybe I ‘force’ things down my path, just like Desperate Housewife Lynette Scavo! I find ways and means for him to tick the proverbial boxes, and determine if I am highly convicted that he could be the one! Then following up, I, like any other female looking for true love, end up expending so much energy into dating this one guy only to get disappointed midway! Psychoanalysing my pathological hugger tendencies, I have grown up knowing that dating more than one guy is frowned upon and probably not the best qualities of a lady. But I feel it’s about time I come away from that old culture and adopt the tendencies of a WiseGirl, in my case here, spread my bets..

Over the past couple of weeks, I feel that I have  been concentrating too much on Paul. It has been easy, because  he has turned out to be a very good friend which makes talking and sharing easier (than the others before). I mean we literally share our experiences almost everyday!!! We are going on dates, but I don’t feel like I am fully ready to settle into a ‘couple situation’ just yet!!!  I have so much to know about Paul and he has a lot to learn about me! I hear it takes about 6months to get to know if someone is the real deal or not!!! It is a funny and confusing state, and I do sincerely hope that I do not end up sabotaging something that may well end up to be a great thing, but I just feel that it is probably too soon to get too cosy cosy with each other.  Would you agree?

And so although Paul is on my good list, I am spreading my bets and looking to date more guys. Because as you know,  it  ain’t really over till the fat lady sings!!


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