Spreading A Global Message Through e-learning

e-LearningSince the advent of the world wide web and the boom in online adoption that has escalated since the turn of the millennium, many things have been simplified, refined and enhanced through the internet – and learning is one of them.

There is no doubt that e-learning is very much here to stay, with online education now utilised by millions of schools, businesses and other organisations across the word as a means of spreading a universal message.

In the world of business and against a backdrop of ongoing economic uncertainty, it is particularly vital that companies which reach out across many countries are capable of spreading a truly global message, and e-learning makes this possible.

The People Development Team is one organisation that has recognised the potential of e-learning to change attitudes and help bring about a true culture change within organisations that can be the catalyst for prosperity and growth.

The organisation’s award-winning Diversity & Inclusion and Unconscious Bias e-learning packages have proven hugely popular across the globe, thanks to each course being tailored to the specific needs of the client.

In an age where branding and identity are crucial to stand out in an ever-competitive marketplace, the courses can be customised to reflect the individual branding of each client so that they not only help to transform the mindset of those who operate within the organisation, but are consistent with the look, feel and values of the company.

A common complaint among business leaders is that they struggle to spread a unifying message across their entire organisation, particularly when said company can often reach out to all four corners of the globe.

Aside from the logistical challenges of bringing employees together to educate them, the costs involved in doing so are monumental, making it infeasible for the majority of the companies.

E-learning eliminates these barriers by not only allowing organisations to deliver an inclusive means of educating and motivating employees, but also allowing them to do so in a bespoke manner that brings them together and ensures the key messages of the company permeate throughout.

Organisations can either choose to utilise e-learning as a complete package, or instead incorporate it into a wider solution that reinforces beliefs and educates participants.

At this year’s Financial Services Diversity Leadership Awards, held at the New York Stock Exchange, PDT client State Street went home with the coveted Programme or Initiative of the Year award for a programme provided by the People Development Team.

The combination of unconscious bias webinars and a bespoke e-learning programme has been undertaken by well over  2,000 associates across the world, illustrating how unconscious bias training can be rolled out on a truly global scale to touch every corner of a company’s reach.

A key attraction for clients such as State Street is the fact that aspects such as the terminology, language, exercises, case studies and scenarios contained in the package can all be adapted to more closely reflect the culture of their organisations, while modules can be added, removed or adapted as necessary.

While ease of development and effectiveness of the programmes is a major attraction, perhaps the most important aspect is the impact it has on the organisation itself.

People who take part in the programme begin by being made aware of what unconscious bias is, but are also taught to identify it within themselves and accept its presence.

The next step is to learn how to control this bias and avoid pretending it does not exist by accepting it is a natural, manageable thing.

By empowering learners to manage their own bias and recognise it in others, the result is that participants are far more likely to be aware of the impact it can have on peers, colleagues and the company as a whole.

In a global workplace where some employees will never even meet, hidden bias can be poisonous and have a permanently damaging impact on the company.

A culture where workers are regarded differently purely based on their gender, sexuality, age, race or religious beliefs is not conducive to success.

The power of tailored e-learning packages is that each and every employee can be educated about a single, unifying message and be made aware of the bias that is not only present within the wider organisation, but within themselves.

These bespoke e-learning packages can bring employees together, encouraging more effective teamwork and management and overall job satisfaction, as the culture of the organisation becomes one where workers can flourish without fear of being the subject of bias.

The business benefits are greater customer satisfaction and perception and, ultimately, greater profits.

And which business can honestly say that those are not attractive goals?

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