Standing out, Lightbulbs, Standing out from the crowdBy Darren Lewitt

There’s one question that I’ve always asked myself throughout my business career and that’s “Am I in the foreground or am I simply ‘background noise’?”

We are constantly making life changing decisions with regards to whom we surround ourselves with; our choice of friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and these days even our families. But out of all of these people who will you remember the most this evening and why?

Will it be?

  • The LOUDEST voice?
  • The person who LISTENED to you most?
  • The one who DRESSED to kill?
  • The individual with that EUREKA moment?
  • The fool who was the most ANNOYING?

Let’s flip that around and ask ourselves this; what would it take for everyone you associate with to think of you at the end of their day and more importantly for all the right reasons?

Let’s devise a plan to make this happen.

In business we all have decisions to make that will impact our career. We can be;

  • Different or be the Same
  • Recognised or Remain Unnoticed.
  • The Reality or the Perception.
  • In the Foreground or simply part of the ‘Background Noise’.

Being different and memorable is ultimately what makes us successful. People stand out in our lives every day and for a number of reasons. So just imagine if yours is the only face people remember tonight? Your eyes, your smile, your frown or even your blush? Imagine if your comments resonate with everyone’s imagination as they are driving home from work, remembering your image and the way you acted today.

Well what are we waiting for, let’s make it happen;

Planning Ahead

Some people settle for the typical things with many of their thoughts left waiting in the wings. Be prepared to release your feelings and blow your colleagues away. There is no time like the present. Think about your actions and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile.

Be Creative

A picture paints a thousand words so why shouldn’t everyone be painting you tonight? Think about the things you can say and how you say them. There are many different ways to engage with people, that will make you stand out and allow your imagination to run free.

Be Confident

Believe in yourself because it’s just a matter of time before you move on up to the front of the line. We never get a second chance to make a first impression so we need our personality to shine and for all the right reasons.

Be Different

Make sure yours is the only face people see and embed it in their lasting memory. It’s one thing to look good, act differently and have the swag but you have to have the ideas too. Look objectionably at everything in life. Think of what would improve the business and make life better for other people. Becoming a problem solver is a huge part of being different and finding your ‘Identity’.

Be Passionate

Don’t settle for anything less than what you are capable of delivering. We should remember that being different is ultimately what makes us all successful? Your ‘identity’ needs to be seen in its full glory. Tell everyone what you feel.

Be Positive

Today is your day so don’t let failure come your way. Don’t let others dominate situations. Your voice needs to be heard so pick the right moments and share your energy and thoughts.

Be Personable

Don’t let people forget how you made them feel. Providing you are professional and have constructive things to say other people will respect you and want to hear more.

In conclusion, it’s really not hard to be successful but it can only happen if you make yourself heard. By staying positive, using selective hearing, surrounding yourself with positive people, whilst remaining in the foreground, you will ensure you won’t ever become ‘background noise’ anytime soon.

And for me that’s how you ‘Stand Out from The Crowd’

About The Author

Darren LewittDarren Lewitt is successful businessman turned coach, award-winning mentor, and is the author of ‘Dream, Create, Believe, Achieve’ (Amazon, £10). Darren was responsible for transforming Midwich, a small IT company in Norfolk, from a £10 million pound business to a £370 million pound international operation before leaving the business to focus on his next challenge. He received the National Mentoring award in 2019 for his work with young people leaving the care system. For more information visit

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