START YOUR DREAM BUSINESS by Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice


START YOUR DREAM BUSINESS: Secrets of Successful and Happy Entrepreneurs by Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice

“A great book, packed with inspiring stories and practical tips. Whether you are dreaming, plotting or well on your way, I highly recommend it.”

Oli Barrett, CoFounder of StartUp Britain

SYDB cover low-resStart Your Dream Business aims to inspire anyone who is sitting at his/her desk with a ‘dream’ business idea on the back burner but has yet to implement it.  What thwarts those dreams? Fear? Lack of know-how? Money? Can you do work you actually love AND earn good money at it?

Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice went in search of the millionaires and the established entrepreneurs from around the world and discovered that these people are amazingly different individuals drawn from all walks of life.

But they have one thing in common, in every case, it’s not about the money it’s about following a passion.

Business owner, columnist, coach and co-author Carole Ann Rice provides practical and tactical advice about running your own business.  “I deal with the sleepless nights, lack of security and the fear that stops people fulfilling their dreams.”  In addition she provides a wealth of workable business advice at the end of each chapter.  “Business owners are different. They have that five-mile stare, that look of not being quite with you as they ponder their towering to-do lists whilst keeping their eyes firmly fixed on their vision and beyond.”

Start Your Dream Business reveals the journeys and secrets of people who took that first scary step towards their dream and set up their own businesses. Through these inspirational stories, the authors show and analyse how these individuals, from all over the world, achieved entrepreneurial success. Filled with instructive case-studies, practical advice and coaching tips, this book guides the reader through the many stages of starting a business, avoiding the common mistakes, and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way.

For all those who feel unfulfilled at work, who feel that their creativity is not utilised, not appreciated, Start Your Business proves that with the right mindset and the right skills, anyone can make that change they’ve been dreaming of, to go from day job to top dog!

About the Authors

Sarah Wade is a BBC radio producer and researcher. Carole Ann Rice is one of the UK’s leading life coaches. Together, previously they also wrote Find Your Dream Job, a Waterstones Top 10 business best-seller

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