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Article by Natalie Trice, Senior PR Director, Fox Agency

Let’s face it, the last two years have gone past in a blur of lockdowns, uncertainty, vaccinations, and isolation.

However, the world of work has carried on and while career paths might not have gone to plan, that doesn’t mean that progression and positive change can’t happen, because they can.

Looking back over the past 22 months, I’m a world away from where I imagined I would be before Covid hit, in a really good way. Like many of my peers, the path hasn’t been straight forward, and if I’m totally honest, not every step has been easy.

No one could have predicted the impact of Covid, including me. One day I was in back-to-back meetings, with a portfolio of clients who were in the press day in day out, and the next my inbox was full of emails putting the breaks on projects people could no longer afford. Panic set in, pivoting became the norm for every small business owner, and life went into free fall.

On reflection, this gave me the time to reassess my career and consider what made me happy, what parts of my work gave me the most satisfaction, and what I really wanted to do. As I walked on the beach with my dog during that sacred hour of freedom we were given and spent time with my kids in between home schooling sessions, it dawned on me that I missed being part of a team. I craved being around people with whom I could exchange ideas and brainstorm creative campaigns, as well as sharing the experience and skills I’ve gained from 24 years in the world of PR.

As with most things, change didn’t happen overnight, but as I write this piece today my career has taken a turn for the better, and my new team at Fox Agency is awesome.

As well as working with innovative global, tech brands, I am now part of a bunch of incredibly talented people who are building careers in PR and who I know have huge ambition and limitless potential. I always say that PR isn’t ER, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t constantly juggling multiple deadlines, meeting KPIs and exceeding expectations (often our own), which can be stressful, but it is also exhilarating when you smash targets and see results in the press. I want to ensure that the Fox Agency PR team not only have the skills and resources they need to do their jobs, but that they also have the confidence and resilience that are vital when collaborating with multiple stakeholders and the media day in and day out.

I am loving being part of a team who deliver greatness, which is what we do at Fox Agency, so if you are thinking of starting anew in 2022, don’t let the pandemic put you off, rather, let this be an opportunity to see what’s out there.

What do you really want to do?

This is a great starting point, and it can be a hard question to answer honestly. Yes, you might hate where you are, but your partner has been made redundant and you have to pay the bills. It could be that you love your job, but your boss is a nightmare and is constantly putting you down, or your colleagues are using WFH as an excuse to not pull their weight. Whatever is going on, make a list of what you love, what isn’t so good, and what your dream career looks like. You may finally feel confident enough to be a manager, you might decide to retrain as a teacher, or you may have realised that as a budding entrepreneur, the 9-5 grind isn’t your bag and it’s time to fly solo. Be honest because that is the only way you will be able to truly move ahead, and once doubt is put to one side, it’s amazing where your ideas and ambitions can take you.

Refresh your CV

When is the last time you looked at your CV? I know that when I was applying for new roles, I had to dig mine out, dust it down, and update it to reflect who I was and what I’d done. I’m not saying you need to put in every task you do at the moment, or the first Saturday job you had, but adding those extra details could set you apart and open doors that may otherwise have stayed shut. Maybe mentoring junior members of staff during lockdown has strengthened your team, the side-hustle you started in 2021 is really taking off, or it could be that you’ve been key to your company securing new business at a time when the competition is failing. Don’t rush this exercise, you get one chance to make a good impression, so take your time, and ensure your CV stands out for all the right reasons.

Tap into your network

Depending on what you want to do next, there will be people you already know who could help your dreams become a reality. ‘I’m looking for a new job’ might not be the best post for social media if your boss is following you, but if you do it the right way, you can start networking today. From asking for references and testimonials, to contacting past bosses and colleagues and letting them know you are looking for a new role, there’s an entire world out there waiting to help you start anew.

The question is, are you brave enough to make it happen for you in 2022?

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