Starting a business in your spare time

starting a business

Life is demanding; after spending most of each day at work, there are clothes to wash, meals to cook, bills to pay and plenty of other thankless requirements.

So once that’s all done, it’s not unreasonable to want to spend the bit of spare time you do get relaxing, or doing what you enjoy.

But perhaps the pressures of work are becoming too significant, particularly if you have children to care for too, and you feel that if you could just be your own boss and work the hours that suited your lifestyle, you’d be able to get much more done, and feel more fulfilled with your day to day life.

Going into business is no small task, and would eat into that much-awaited spare time, but can ultimately be a rewarding and progressive experience. If your life and interests are leaning in the direction of starting your own business, here are a few tips to consider when beginning your journey.

Be Disciplined

Starting your own business takes an awful lot, not just time and resources. You have to be completely committed to your new pursuit, and be willing to give it everything it needs to succeed. From your self-discipline and self-motivation, other key traits and practices needed in business will flow.

Designate a Workspace

You don’t need an entire workshop or office, but a place dedicated solely to being your place of business is important in committing yourself to your company. Isolated your workspace as much as is possible, and do not allow any distractions inside – anything from favourite books to posters can divert your attention and waste your precious spare time, so keep everything within the confines of your workspace entirely work-related.

Make a Timetable

Life is chaotic, and plans do change, but look at your working week and do your best to establish a pattern of doing the same things at the same time on a weekly basis. Then look at where you have slots of several hours in which nothing needs your attention. Allocate these times for your business work, and make sure you stick to it. It is very easy to come unstuck; if you start to postpone and put things off, you’re liable to lose focus all together. If it helps, schedule yourself a treat after you finish each shift to ensure you don’t falter.

Have a Plan

Possibly the most important part of starting out in business is having a really concrete plan in place. Decent planning saves you effort and hassle further down the line, so make sure you put plenty of effort into it at this early stage. Do some research into your chosen industry, its trends and projections, and consult with business professionals to ensure the information you’re collecting is reliable. During the planning phase, you’ll get to know what to expect from the journey ahead, and will be far better equipped to deal with the difficulties business can present at times.

It may be a lot to take on, but starting business in your spare time is by no means an impossibility. But it will take a lot of dedication, discipline and belief in your business to carry you through and make it a success. So if you’re really driven to make a business work and are willing to make the sacrifices required, take this advice, and run with it.

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