Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  • You know what you want.
  • You challenge yourself often.
  • You have discovered your dreams, and you are on your way to make them happen.

At least, this is what you believe.I was in that position often enough. Everything that I wanted seemed to be within reach – perhaps not right now, but in the near future. I could imagine my dreams happening. The truth suddenly struck me when I thought about the concept of inner resistance.

Your life’s path is like a train track. Everything that is close to the track or even on the track is within reach. However, there is an undiscovered land far away from your track filled with secret treasures. And you have no idea that these treasures even exist. Even when you allow yourself to dream as if everything were possible, you censor your ideas in your mind when they seem to be impossible. Your inner censor doesn’t permit you to become aware of these secret dreams. Discovering an impossible dream would frighten you, since following your wish would mean having to leave your safe track, or even having to build a new track that passes by the new-found treasure. Leaving the life that you know can cause you a lot of fear. Censoring the hidden treasures means keeping you safe, but it also means that you won’t reach your full potential. So what is better – keeping you safe, or discovering your seemingly out-of-reach dreams?

You can’t tell yourself what your dreams should be. Rather you can only discover what you dream of and why. Your unconscious dreams exist already within you, even if you decide to ignore them. You can’t talk them away, and you can’t think them away. What you want will always come back to you. The only question is how much closer you will have come to a specific dream when it pops up again? You don’t have endless time, and if you don’t start now, you might regret it later.

What can you do to make it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone? – Invent a fantasy world where you can be anything you want without any restrictions, and without any struggles. What would you be and what do you want, assuming that this is fiction and your wish will never come true? – Ask yourself what you love about a specific out-of-reach dream, and ask yourself how you can incorporate this dream into your life today or tomorrow. – Figure out small steps that move your track in the direction of your out-of-reach dreams. If you don’t have any idea, then find out how other people made the same dream happen for themselves. – Seek the help of a life coach who is willing to support you in discovering your out-of-reach dreams, and in building a track headed in new directions. – Ask a friend to check with you each week whether you have taken some helpful steps towards one of your out-of-reach dreams. – Write down your out-of-reach dreams, collect material about them in a binder, and read articles online, in magazines, books and newspapers about them.

Getting out of your comfort zone does really make you feel uncomfortable, as the name “comfort zone” implies. Therefore, feeling uncomfortable when you move towards your out-of-reach dreams is what you should expect. This feeling of being uncomfortable doesn’t mean that you don’t want your dream. When you don’t want something, then you are not scared. Instead, you get bored and you don’t feel happy when you come in contact with your so-called “dream”. But when you come close to your true dream, you can expect to feel fear. Fear is a sign of possible danger, such as leaving your comfort zone in order to reach your real dream. If you are merely approaching something you are not interested in, then there is no reason to be afraid.

Author and coach Andrea Klee offers Life Coaching and Breakthrough Coaching.

Finding talents, structuring too many interests and overcoming any form of resistance are among Andrea’s coaching strengths. As a karate black belt, Andrea knows how to attain goals. She is an expert in self-assertion and self-defense. Andrea uses knowledge gained from these areas to help clients make decisions and move toward a happy and fulfilling life.

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