Stockbroking as a career for women: How it improves your life

Women are conquering in fields once dominated by men, including stockbroking. However, you may still have some reservation about joining the Stock Exchange as a lady. This article will shed some light on the whole stockbroking business, and even prove to you how eligible you are to succeed in it.
Stock Broking
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A stockbroker’s job description

Every stockbroker has basically three duties to perform each day of their lives; investing in stocks instructed by the client, acting as an advisory unit to the client, or completely taking over investment portfolios on behalf of the client.

So, as a lady, all that will be required of you is to offer investment advice to your clients when you know they stand to benefit. Clients will want you to manage their portfolio and let them know when it’s best for them to invest or pull out of the market. A great deal of your clients will also be individuals who know nothing about stock investing, thus will entrust the entire portfolio to you. A good stockbroker is one who always looks out for the interest of the client—and that can be anyone, even you.

Who will be your clients?

The first people to come knocking your door are individuals with a passion for investment and want to make it big in stocks trading. You will be their link to the Stock Exchange and give them every bit of detail going on there. You will interpret and help them understand financial reports as well as monitoring the stock market performance for them.

On the other hand, you could decide to go big and make your clients big corporate companies. Big companies have a lot of money to invest thus you will be looking at bigger portfolios to handle. While some companies may do the research on their own and just advise you where to invest, others will leave it all to you.

The big decision here is choosing the client to work with. It is advisable to start small and work with individuals and watch them grow their investments. The big picture would be eventually moving to larger waters—that is working with corporations. You may also decide to start with big clients but the trick here is getting them to believe in your brand. A good idea is joining one of the large stock trading companies, like CMC Markets, which deal with both private and public companies.

The benefits of stockbroking as a woman

If you have always dreamt of flexible working hours, you can have that chance with stockbroking. So many women are juggling between work and taking care of their families and often times this plan gets messed up. But with stockbrokers, working hours depend on when markets open and close; it can be at specific times of the days or 24hours if it’s binary trading. But you get to decide when you want to work.

Furthermore, nowadays there is computer software that autonomously trade stocks on your behalf. You only need to set the time, which stocks to trade in and the investment limit. You can monitor your screen from a distance and make adjustments where needed.

Stock broking is a thriving career for many women, and you can have this life too. As a part-time stock trader with an 9 to 5 job, you stand a chance of being promoted because you understand finances better. Or you could go ahead and get employed by financial institutions, like banks, or companies specializing in stockbroking.

There is nothing intimidating about being a female stockbroker. It’s an occupation that requires great responsibility, diligence, a good understanding of the stock market and basically being a people person. Anyone can possess these qualities so there is no reason why you shouldn’t dive into the world of stock trading. There are plenty of places to learn the ropes from one of them being big stockbroking companies.

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