Strange Wedding Traditions From Around the World

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The idea of promising yourself to one person for the rest of your life has been constant in differing societies around the world. However, the method of binding two people together varies greatly from culture to culture, sometimes in very amusing ways.

One of the more innocent variations is the feet washing ceremony in Scotland. On the night before the wedding a group of people, usually female friends of the bride, gather to wash the bride’s feet. A married woman will drop the ring in the tub, and the first one to find it will be married next. This is similar to the American wedding superstition of catching the bride’s bouquet. This tradition is paired with another fun Scottish wedding tradition where everyone gets together to throw anything from mud to raw eggs on the bride or groom. Sometimes this is followed by shoving the happy couple into a nice cold loch or lagoon.

Hindi weddings are in some ways very similar to U.S. weddings. However, instead of using a wedding ring placed on the left hand, a toe ring is used. It is worn on the second toe of the woman. The men do not usually wear one. In Nigeria the men will sometimes wear the clothes of women to fully understand their point of view, a tradition which I highly suggest you try and emulate for a truly unforgettable wedding.

Enjoy seeing the bride and groom happily smiling? In South Korea, lots of smiling means the first child is going to be a daughter. Meanwhile, in certain parts of the Congo, smiling at all during the ceremony means it is not a ‘serious’ wedding. One of the more romantic methods of being married involves some obvious symbolism; the knot ceremony in Cambodia consists of actually tying a knot into a bracelet, worn by the happy couple. All of these wedding traditions are really interesting studies of the cultures they represent. They could be easily implemented in a modern American wedding for a memorable experience.

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