Striking the Perfect Work/Life Balance: How to Do it

We’re all striving to obtain that elusive work/life balance, but how exactly do you get it? And is it achievable?

We say a big, fat yes – as with most things, it just requires careful thought and thorough planning. These things don’t happen overnight. Which is why we’re offering our top tips for a smooth working week, and free time that’s smoother still. No more working on that project until midnight! And certainly no more coffee-fuelled evenings at home spent playing catch up on housework. Oh, and let’s not forget squeezing in a social life, too.

Here goes…

Switch Off

We’re talking switching off most – if not all – technological distractions outside of your working hours, where possible. Turn off your computer, tablet, and mobile phone – whatever it is that’s causing you to ‘lose’ hours of your evening. The thing is, even if you just turn on your laptop to have a quick glance at your work emails, you know that 99% of the time that little browse results in an hour-long ‘check’ of all your online profiles. Before you know it you’ve wasted time doing not very much. Instead, switch off – even the TV if you can help it – and do something with your family, or friends. Having a few hours – or evenings – off can make you so much more productive once your working day rolls around again. If you absolutely can’t manage this, vow to allocate only a certain time period to checking your emails/doing that extra work, so it doesn’t eat into your whole night. Instead, do something relaxing – like taking a hot, comforting bath or getting out in the garden with your family. We bet there’s nothing in your inbox which can’t be dealt with first thing tomorrow.

windsorGet a Head Start

Nothing on the TV? Kids all at local classes? Use that spare hour or two to your advantage and ‘get a head start’ for the working week ahead. Set a timer and challenge yourself to doing those odd, bitty jobs that take a minute or two of your time here and there, but seem to add up to a whole lot of stress in the week. Instead, see how much you can do in, say, an hour or two, and look forward to a relatively stress-free Monday. Starting the week off rested and relaxed will make a huge difference to your working week. Done a few niggling jobs? Sit back, relax and kick back on that chesterfield sofa – you’ve earned it!

Plan Social Time

OK, so planning your social time may seem a bit anal, but it’s something you may have to do if you’re juggling family life and work. Making arrangements with family and friends for later in the week should spur you on to get those odd jobs done well in advance, giving you something to look forward to in the process. Again, if you’re planning in some social time, make sure you switch everything off to avoid checking your work email while you’re in the middle of your main course in that must-visit restaurant.

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