Study reveals the highest-paying jobs you don’t need a degree for

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A recent study has compiled a list of the highest earning jobs that do not require employees to have a degree.

The research by Indeed discovered that many non-graduate jobs still pay a high wage, despite a lack of university education.

Student fees are currently capped at £27,750 for spending three years in education, and figures from the Office of National Statistics show that 29 per cent of graduates earn less than those who are employed after an apprenticeship.

Indeed’s research compared the average wage of thousands of the jobs they advertise, and analysed the data.

Construction Manager’s can earn up to £53,118 per year, whilst Maintenance Manager jobs pay £38,675 a year.

Highly experienced construction managers can earn upwards of £70,000 per year.

Rounding out the top five are a Fitness Manager position, Executive Assistant roles and Pilot’s, who all earn between £30,000 and £35,000 a year.

The final five jobs all pay just slightly under the UK average wage of 28,000 a year. They are an Electrician, Caterer, Farm Manager, Hotel Manager and Estate Agent.

Indeed’s economist explained that the data proves that attending university doesn’t necessarily mean a better salary: “…Although all the roles in our list do require some form of training, they don’t require a degree.”

‘’Our figures suggest there is still a ‘graduate premium’, with graduates frequently earning more than those without a degree.”

‘’But while having a degree typically increases your earning potential, the cost of gaining one is substantial.”

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