Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Cat Deeley’s tribute to Dennis the Menace

Gemma Hayward: Loving the hair swept up off her face but all that slap isn’t necessary on such a babe. Her lids look heavy and the outfit-matching lipstick just doesn’t work when stripes are involved.

Hugh Montgomery: Grooming with intent: the kind that says “rumour-sphere, get thee talking about me fronting a new Simon Cowell show now!”

The outfit

Gemma: She looks like a slutty Freddy Krueger. I like it!

Hugh: We avoid crop tops ourselves, but in this case, as the Mail points out, it does show off “her admirable flat stomach” – and who are we to question their appraisal of abdominal achievement?

The bag

Gemma: She’s gone for quite a ladylike bag for such a sassy outfit. An oversized clutch would have made a far bigger fashion statement.

Hugh: Whether from Chanel or from a market stall next to one selling nodding British bulldogs, a leather quilted chain bag is basically infallible.

The shoes

Gemma: I’m a sucker for a pointed court shoe, so in my opinion she couldn’t have made a better choice.

Hugh: These are fine, but maybe she could have plumped for something rather more stompy to continue the Dennis the Menace theme.

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