Style tips for Zoom meetings

Workwear, Work wardrobeAs the Omicron variant has encouraged a work from home policy, Zoom meetings are firmly back on the agenda as companies revert to virtual office set ups.

Award-winning Personal Stylist and Founder of One of a Style, Stefania Bartolomei, has put together a fuss-free style guide to help you feel ready and prepared for whatever video call software you use, to help you feel confident, professional, and comfortable at the same time.

Think about lighting

Opt for the room with the most natural light such as your living room. Have your video meeting set up in front of the windows, but with the camera facing away from the window, so the light brightens your face, without casting a shadow.

Wear the right make-up

One thing that we can start to see in difference to meeting in person is that video calls seem to pick up different colourings. Makeup will make a huge difference to how we see ourselves onscreen.

Due to lighting and video quality more makeup is often best, light make-up doesn’t show up well on camera.  I recommend adding foundation, add a yellowish concealer for dark circles, if you have them, and some bright blush to help to highlight your features, and if you are feeling especially dedicated, some lipstick in a shade that feels comfortable, or some eye shadow can be a great way to boost your confidence.

Have hair confidence

It’s a bit of a stretch to blow dry our hair every time we have a call planned for the day ahead and this could lead to hair damage. Look at different options like hair scarves, headbands, hair clips, and even just a bit of dry shampoo can do wonders. If you have medium to long length hair, you could practice a French plait. There are also options such as ponytails, twists. For those with shorter cuts – you can embrace the hair wax, and dry shampoo to help jazz up the bed head look to a ‘messy professional hair’ look.

The right outfit

It’s all about the top half of your body, so you can be in your pyjama bottoms without anyone knowing. At the same time, it’s true that half of the outfit makes half the job in your self-confidence, so if you can, try to dress up nicely from head to toe.

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Shirt or blouse

A clean, sharp, white shirt or blouse is a classic. It looks professional and on-trend, without feeling overdressed.

A turtleneck

Great for comfort, and timeless style, while also giving a professional look.

Colourful shirt

A great wear professional look for increasing your positive mindset. It might be winter outside but wear the colours of summer inside. colourful silk shirt looks good on screen, just remember to iron it as cameras can pick up every crease.

A slogan T-Shirt

If your meeting is informal and relaxed, a slogan t-shirt can make a fun and personality filled impression.

Take time to yourself  

Video calls for some reason, although we are not commuting to meet with others, can feel more draining that those we have in person. Take time out to yourself so you can recuperate your energy.

Stefania BartolomeiAbout the author

Italian Stefania Bartolomei is a London-based style Personal Style Coach who relocated to the capital in 2015.

With a background in fashion, design and product development from her native Italy, Stefania tried to pursue a career in fashion in London, but suffering from anxiety inside and rejection from companies, Stefania struggled with her situation.

But, after a freak road accident involving her husband changed her thinking, Stefania set out on her own and opened – a personal styling company for real women with real lives. And, over the past six years, the company has gone from strength to strength. And, post-pandemic, she has seen an influx in clients.

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