Style tips to nail that WFH look

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With everyone having to adjust during the current climate, workers have no choice but to work from home and adapt to a new lifestyle, and that’s work attire included!

Let’s be real – the idea of waking up, walking into the lounge in your Pjs and starting work sounds great, but of course we never know when the boss or clients are going to want that last minute Zoom call.

So, stop stressing, and think simple and remember no one is seeing you from the waist down. Keep it comfortable! The trick is to focus on the top half – remember it is work, not London Fashion Week, so depending on the rules set by your management – I would stick to comfortable, stylish and fun.

Play with colour and tones – pop a bit of colour into the zoom squares. Go for a crisp white shirt, layered with a bright red, pink or orange thin knit jumper. If the weather is getting warmer, then go with lighter fabrics, such as cottons and linens. Make sure these fabrics don’t produce sweat patches or crease easily.

White shirts are a failsafe piece for both men and women. They are light-weight and easy to dress up or down. Also, the white shirt will act as a reflector and bounce some light onto your face making you look radiant and fresh faced.

Another go – to ensemble is a blazer with a white tee. It’s smart, comfortable and we all have access to those items right now.

Play with print but be careful as some prints like a small stripe, check or polka dot will create a weird effect on screen.

Wear slippers, flip flops or go barefoot – you want some kind of creature comfort. The fact you had to get out of your loungewear is a chore in itself, but to wear shoes- that’s pushing it too far!

Remember, “you are what you wear” and I’m not judging anyone but wearing those novelty PJs for a zoom meeting is the kind of you that no one at work wants to see!

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep stylish!

About the author

Joey BevanCelebrity Fashion Stylist Joey Bevan, due to appear on BBC One’s You Are What You Wear which starts on Thursday 11th June at 8PM.

Tipped as ‘one to watch’, the Essex-based fashion stylist and designer has seen his work featured on the X Factor and Britain’s Next Top Model Live, and in 2014 he was lucky enough to be commissioned to create 30 bespoke garments for the Queen’s Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. His celebrity clients have included Jessie J, Little Mix and Ru Paul’s Drag Race royalty and he’s also worked with the likes of L’Oreal, Urban Decay and Disney.

He has a huge personality and is set to be hit with audiences of BBC One’s YAWYW through his flamboyant character and on-screen chemistry with fellow stylists. Alongside his love for fashion styling, Joey is also passionate about cooking and has his own food blog (@thestylishhomecook) and is an LGBTQ, body positive and mental health activist.

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