Summer is over…get ready to go “back to school”

The last weekend of August in the UK is a very sad time.

Heartbreaking really.

It means that the days of drinking on the beach, relaxing and long-haul flights are gone. Summer is over. So, what are you going to do about it? Cry and feel sad or use this as a time for renewal? Frankly, September is officially the new January. It’s time to get back into the groove of work, the kids are back in school and you can start shedding the holiday-package buffet weight just in time for the winter social season. This is a time for reflection and a time to get ahead of the game. So, how are you going to take advantage of this to push yourself in the right direction?

Win at work

Remember how good it felt to get back into the new school year? It doesn’t have to stop as an adult. Make time to grab lunch with friends and reconnect. This is also a crucial time to think about your next steps at work. September is when a lot of the planning for the following year kicks into play. With Q3 at the end of the month, it would be wise to ensure that your boss knows all of the great things you have done and the new opportunities you are open to. This is also important as this is the time when managers generally decide on your bonus and advancement opportunities so you’ll want to ramp up your game.

Get organised at home

Work-life balance is tough sometimes but this is also a good time to get reorganised in a way that makes life easier during the post-holiday season. Go through old files and toss out what you don’t need. Replace work clothes with the latest season of workwear. This is also when I start to pre-order holiday gifts and book tickets for winter travel. No one likes to get stuck doing last second shopping. By getting things ready and moving in the right direction at home you won’t get bogged down when things get busy towards the end of the year.

Book your next holiday

Don’t feel sad, there is still some holiday left in the year and it doesn’t have to include stressful family visits. You a can plan a girls weekend to the countryside to find fun holiday gifts at the local market. Get away with your partner for a staycation.

Spend the weekend after your work trip on site so that you can see a new city. Sign up for a class you have always wanted to take. Just have something to look forward to so that you are not thinking about the fact that each day is getting colder and darker.

Still feeling the winter blues? Don’t worry, summer will be here again before you know it. The good thing is that the winter months can bring a lot of fun and joy too! Just jump in, keep moving and it will be in the past in a flash.

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Joy Adams is a blogger and one of WATCs 2015 Rising Stars. She is a British-American businesswoman who has worked in both the public and private sectors in the US and UK. Joy currently serves on the Advisory Board for Vital Voices Europe, an organization dedicated to supporting and developing women leaders. She also writes a lifestyle blog for budding philanthropists and art collectors at

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