Sun, Sea, & Savoir-Faire on the French Riviera by Kim Defforge


With an average of 300 days of sunshine and its 7 kms. of seafront, Nice is situated between the sea and the mountains, making it easily accessible and an ideal location.  Under the warm Mediterranean sunshine, stroll along the Promenade des Anglais – a great place to walk, bike, jog, roller blade, or just simply people watch.  The iconic, pebbled beaches of Nice are a mix of private and public, for tourists to relax, dine, and have fun in the sun.

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by warm to hot dry summers and mild to cool wet winters, although this year the amount of rainfall surpassed the seasonal average.

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The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, with its various shades of turquoise and cobalt blue is a stunning, regional icon of the French Riviera.  The Mediterranean Sea also helps to maintain a narrower range of moderate temperatures between summer highs and winter lows, which actually makes the French Riviera a more oceanic climate. Of course, the sea provides the fresh catch of the day, and other seafood, to local restaurants.  Nice is the only French city with Lyon to have its own appellation, “cuisine Niçoise,” with specialties featuring fish.


The French Riviera spans the southeast corner of France, with an overwhelming number of places to visit and things to see. Having the “savoir-faire” in knowing how to navigate – logistically and culturally – can help to make your visit to La Côte d’Azur a more enjoyable experience. During your visit, why not take part in a “France Finesse” travel package, specialized around a variety of interests and to make the most of your time and eliminate the stress of where to go, what to see, and how to get there. Come enjoy a stress-free, mini-retreat that doesn’t monopolize your entire vacation time. The France Finesse travel snippets are also available excluding the accommodations, to meet the needs of visitors who may already be settled in. France Finesse is proud to be a travel ambassador for the French Riviera, in providing high quality service and a female-friendly ambiance, and I am proud to be a co-founder and host for the “Riviera Writers Retreat.”

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Kim 2013 photoKim Defforge is a lifelong Francophile and former French teacher, with a passion for all things French. Having moved from the U.S. to the French Riviera, she shares the story of her personal journey, and the life events that weave an emotional tapestry, in her book, “Solitary Desire.”  Kim enjoys writing on her blog, 24/7 in France, about French culture, food, wine, events, and the simple beauty of a Mediterranean sunset – proving that dreams really can come true!

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Meet the Ambassador for Nice, Deborah D’Alessandro Deborah will be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding business travel to the region.

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