Super Quick Make Up Tips For Busy Ladies

We live in a world now where time is precious. We are stretched from pillar to post and there often doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Do you ever feel the same way?

I often get to the end of my day pleading for just one more hour to get things done. I am sure even if I did have 25 hours a day, I STILL wouldn’t get everything done!!

If you do feel the same way, I would imagine that make up isn’t often top of your agenda and is often done whilst running out of the door with your coffee in hand, running for the tube in the morning

I want to share with you my top tips on creating a great look in a little amount of time as possible based on my own personal regime. People often think I spend AGES on my make up in the morning and when I share the fact that it takes me under 10 minutes unless I am feeling extravagant, I often hear the flabbergasted sounds of …huh…how?! And then, when I tell people, I NEVER do anything to my make up in the day, those sounds get louder and louder – ‘surely you top up during the day’ NO!! The only thing I touch is my lip gloss. The rest is there from morning to night and it is there to stay

How you may be wondering?

Here are my top tips revealed, just for you:Woman doing her makeup

1 – Use a good quality primer. This is my MUST HAVE product. Think of it like Polyfilla! It fills in fine lines, pores and wrinkles and gives the skin a smooth silky feel which means your base will slide on much easier. It will also stay on longer

2- CC cream. This is a wonder product in my eyes. Everything in one. If you have never experienced a CC cream, all I can say is, you are missing out BIG time! It is a concealer, foundation, hydrator, mattifier, brightener, pore refiner and complexion controller all in one! Now that is a time saver. One product, all over the face and you are almost good to go.

3- Use a Bronzer to add a bit of contour to the face. Do NOT go too heavy otherwise you will look like you have been tangoed. Draw a backwards 3 on your face going from your hair line over your cheek and over your jaw line and that will give you definition in all the right places.

4 – Load those lashes with Mascara. This will immediately open your eyes and make you look awake even if it is 7am in the morning and you feel like your eyes are still half shut from the night before. Invest in a good quality mascara that is hypoallergenic and lengthens and defines the lashes without breaking them. I am not the hugest of fans of most waterproof mascaras as it means you end up scrubbing your eyes to get them off and that means snapped lashes AND wrinkles around the eyes where you have been pulling the skin. I am what some might say ‘a mascara snob’. Only the best will do!

5- Get your glow on with Blusher. A light dusting of blusher on the apples of the cheek to give you that rosy glow and you are almost good to go, or glow! Be warned – do not get too heavy handed unless you are going for the ‘Aunt Sally’ look (showing my age now)

6- Finally a sweep of lip balm or gloss and you are good to go. One thing I would say is, check the Dogingredients in your lip balms and lipsticks/glosses as you may be shocked to see what is in there. You could be licking a bit of dead Fido the dog or petrol unknowingly…gross I know, but true! In fact did you know the average woman ingests 5lbs of animal blubber through her lipstick alone? Now I am all for getting the fats in my diet but maybe not in this way!

Be sure to check back soon for more top tips so you can look healthy, happy and glowing

About the author

As a specialist in botanical beauty, skin health and weight loss I now share with others my top tips as a qualified nutritional therapist and botanical skincare and cosmetics company owner, on how to get clean and lean, feel great about yourself and have glowing, youthful skin for life…Just what we all want! Follow Sarah’s blog or visit:

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