Survey reveals the number of women in construction is worse than predicted

One Way, a specialist construction recruitment firm have discovered that the number of females in professional construction roles is less than analysts had predicted.
Women in construction
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In a survey of professionals from across the industry, One Way found that 65% of those surveyed work in a company where less than 5% of the workforce is made up of women in an actual construction role.

58% stated that businesses themselves are at the root of the problem, due to stereotyping in the recruitment process and a lack of commitment from employers.

When asked about the challenges for women in construction, over half (58%) stated that businesses themselves are to blame due to a range of issues such as stereotyping in the recruitment process and a lack of commitment from employers. Just over a third (35%) felt that it simply isn’t a popular career choice for women.

One Way carried out the survey as part of their #GirlsAllowed campaign which encourages more girls to join the construction sector. An overwhelming 83% claimed that there is a distinct lack of construction career education in schools, creating a gap between female talent joining construction sites.

Over 80% of those surveyed agreed that they would personally get involved in a scheme to address the lack of women in construction.

Paul Payne, Managing Director of One Way, said:

“What is clear from these results is that employers need to do more to both attract more women into the industry and embrace them once on board. The results of the survey clearly demonstrate that the sector has a bad reputation when it comes to hiring females and given the severity of existing skills shortages, this simply cannot continue. While we were expecting to find low levels of employment, some of the figures were certainly below our initial perceptions, which makes the need for greater collaboration through initiatives such as the #GirlsAllowed campaign more vital now than they have ever been.”

“While it’s great to see so many respondents commit to taking more action, there were some concerning views that came to light that I feel need to be altered immediately. Aside from some of the gender stereotyping comments, other remarks suggested that some in the industry itself don’t think construction is a sector that women should be in. This is quite simply untrue and is an attitude myself and the team at One Way certainly want to turn around.”

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