Coach: Susie Hall | Executive and Corporate Coaching, Founder of Impact Coach

Susie Hall Impact Coach Susie brings over 25 years of commercial experience including 10 years within financial services in London and Hong Kong. She has been working as an Impact Coach for the past 15 years with clients across Europe, the USA and Asia. She works predominantly with leaders from professional service firms, public companies and financial institutions, coaching them on how to improve their impact, pitch, presentation and public speaking skills. This may be in formal situations such as a presentation, conference, pitch or IPO, alternatively it may be working with leaders to maximize their ability to communicate authentically to inspire others through times of change.

She is guest lecturer on the University of Sussex MBA programme. She is known for being direct and honest and for having a sometimes challenging but supportive style to increase her clients’ confidence in what can be a sensitive area of development. She never loses sight of the fact that keeping a sense of humour at all times helps enormously!

  • Prime Locations: All over the UK Europe US, Asia
  • Coaching Profile: Executive, Corporate, Coaching Company
  • Average cost per session: Each project is bespoke

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