Suzi PerryPit lane fanatic Suzi Perry looking to lay off the leather in pursuit of a new career move

After walking away from her enviable hosting gig on BBC’s Moto GP coverage, and with Channel 5 tinkering with their line-up for next incarnation of the successful The Gadget Show series, fashion feline Suzi Perry is happy to take a bit of time out of the limelight.

The 42-year-old former model, who’s as renowned for being seen out in women’s sportswear as she is the latest line of pit lane leathers, is looking to kick back and relax across the autumn months having grown tired of the extensive travel assignments involved in both jobs.

“I was sad to leave The Gadget Show, but I see this as a time and opportunity to seize new projects, and to have a real say in what I am doing,” she says.

“I have some life-changing projects in the pipeline. They’re not off the ground yet, but I’m hoping something will happen on the radio front, and I’ve been in talks with both Channel 4 and Channel 5. And in the meantime, I am getting to spend a lot more time at my home across the channel, which is great.”

And Perry, who lives in the south of France with husband Bastian Boosten, still maintains links with her first love, the world of motorsport.

“I still see the guys, and obviously I follow the racing avidly on TV. I miss it desperately. But I had to stop doing it because the time commitment was just so great.”

“I’d done for almost 15 years and travelled around the world, and I just couldn’t squeeze it any longer into my lifestyle, so I thought it was probably time to stop. But I do miss it every time I see a race – I think ’I should be there’. That will take some getting used to, I guess.”

A former presenter across BBC’s coverage of Royal Ascot, Perry certainly has a keen eye for style, and admits she’s more interested in the comments she gets from husband Bastian than she is the watching media.

“You have to go with whatever’s natural; whatever feels right for you. There’s a pressure to dress differently the older you get, but the mistake is in thinking that means you have to dress like your nan. There’s more fashion creativity out there now than ever before. You can look great whoever you are or wherever you’re going.

“But at home, I look to dress down for comfort. Casual stuff and women’s sportswear is so versatile. You can definitely achieve practicality and style without any real trouble. The variety is incredible.”

Staying active and healthy remains important for Suzi, particularly given the professions of some of her best mates.

“I seem to know a lot of chefs, and if chefs are good at one thing, it’s cheering you up with food! Gordon Ramsay has taken invited down to his restaurants for a meal with friends a couple of times when I’ve needed a bit of a lift. I mean, come on, you can’t refuse the offer of being cooked for by Gordon Ramsay, and when you’re there, there’s no use in holding back. But by the time the dessert comes around you are considering whether you’re going to be running around the gym or the park the following day!”

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