Sweet words, little meaning

I’m switching to a real psychological mode now!! Oh dear!! But there’s a reason!!

I want to find a psychologist who can really explain to me how the human heart ( not be organs) but our heart really behave and act! I guess this is the part which allows us to love and hate!! I don’t know but there sure is something about the spoken word that gives hope !! Especially when you’re dating!!!It’s far from an illusion but a string of words, put together could sure make you believe the best is yet to come!! Now the words may not be true, but yet, for some reason we choose to hope and believe!!

Call me silly but although Jamieson and I have parted ways, when he called me to let me know that he was finally leaving  this week, I thought that was more than just being very nice! He spoke like  nothing adverse has happened or  that we’re no longer dating!. See, I took the call with a mindset of a good friend but I was also very conscious of the unspoken  undertones in our conversation!! It was somewhat surreal!!The sense of there being something unfinished between us was soo strong, maybe I’m just being plain silly here, but when he signed off saying that he hoped to see me soon, I don’t know where the ‘hope’ feeling came from but it sure did feel cosy and promising!! I’m not spending days and nights dreaming about him!!!No, not at all.. but that thing which we call hope is sure is rising up in me!

May be these are just sweet words with little meaning!  I wonna know what you think so tell me!! 

-Love you always,


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