Coach: Sylvana Caloni | Executive Coach and Founder of SC Executive Coaching

sylvana caloni SC Executive CoachingSylvana Caloni is Founder of SC Executive Coaching.  Sylvana has been playing an important role in the City and with the WIBF Network for many years and is also featured on WATC TV (see episode here).

Many of your beliefs, values and assessments are unconscious to you. Yet they shape: how you behave, respond and communicate what you think you can or allow yourself to achieve.

By coaching, Sylvana Caloni invites you to be curious and to make the “invisible visible”. She questions, offers feedback and mirrors your assessments about, for example, your leadership challenges, your colleagues, the competitive environment and business opportunities.

Why SC Executive Coaching?

Sylvana encourages you to test your evidence for these assessments and to devise new ways of thinking. She also listens for what you don’t say or request which may prevent you from devolving responsibility and may discourage creativity in your team.

Sylvana engages you in a conversation about distinctions and assists you to design an achievable plan of action in your role as executive, business owner or entrepreneur.

With a sense of fun, “trying things on for size” and practise you gain new perspectives and are empowered to generate sustainable changes in your professional and personal lives.

I believe that the most important asset of an organisation and what truly sets it apart from its competitors is its people. My clients include finance and managing directors, heads of sales and investment teams and business owners.

Some value my first hand experience of competition, leadership, performance and profitability  as an Executive Vice President of Bankers Trust and my 15 years in the roles of fixed interest dealer, equity analyst, fund manager and head of global sector groups.

Some respond to the passion that inspired me to write a masters thesis questioning the perceived transition from classical to neo-classical economics and to employ a  contrarian investment style  resulting in superior stock selection. It is this same passion that enables me to put my clients at ease whilst challenging  their accepted norms and constraints. This allows them to create  new business relationships and visions.

Some clients are drawn by the rigour of my coach training and synthesis  of styles and approaches (see resources).

As a member of the International Coach Federation I value  professional competency, ethics and standards.  I am committed to continuing professional development, receive coaching supervision and engage my own coach.

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