Tackling a taboo subject for future generation of women | Warwick Business School

Alex Duncan, Warwick Business SchoolExecutive MBA participant, Alex Duncan, explores the work place challenges faced by menopausal and perimenopausal women. 

On the 29 October, MPs voted in favour of cutting the cost of menopause treatment (HRT) prescriptions so that women will only need to pay for their prescription once a year, saving up to about £200 a year. 

Coincidentally, I had just picked up my second prescription of HRT the day before and had had to double check the cost with the pharmacist as I was surprised I needed to pay two charges for the two drugs that constitute one prescription. Whilst I am fortunate enough that I can afford to pay for it, I can easily see how quickly these costs can add up over a year and how much this decision by MPs will save me over the course of my menopause journey, which could be 10 plus years. That £200 will quickly add up. 

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