Annie Ashdown

The art of effective communication to get what you want in the workforce

Fear, lack of self – assurance and feeling self – conscious are the biggest obstacles to effective communication in the workforce today. Lack of assertiveness also limits you, along with feeling stuck because you can’t find the right words when you need to express yourself. True power is not about having control or power over...
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Businesswoman showing leadership skills by leading in a boardroom

Why good leaders must develop self-confidence to become great leaders

In today’s world, academia, skills and talent may make you a good leader, but that’s not enough to make you a great leader. Great leaders know that in order to successfully deal with clients, employees, colleagues and management; they must be able to plan strategies, execute policies and make decisions that influence. As they have self...
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How to be more confident at work

A top firm in the city reported that two thirds of the 3,000 professional and college – age women expressed a desire to become leaders, but only 40% of them were able to envision this. Sadly 60% said they lacked self-confidence. However experienced and skilled many women are at their jobs a huge number of...
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the confidence factor, annie ashdown

Recommended Read | The Confidence Factor: The Seven Secrets of Successful People – Annie Ashdown

‘The Confidence Factor’ was voted one of the top 6 best self-help books for career women alongside Arianna Huffington, JK Rowling,  and Sheryl Sandberg by Get the Gloss ( founded by ex- editor of the time and ex editor of vogue) and was in the best- selling chart at WH Smith for 6 months after...
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