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New Year, New Direction

Could 2018 be the year you make your decision to move from being a permanent employer to becoming your own boss as a freelancer or contractor? The decision seems to have been endlessly dramatised. In fact, it’s not that big a decision at all and choosing to go down that route ranks well below decisions...
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In 2018, consider a career in event management

  City professionals looking for a different direction may be well suited to a career in events, says Justine Kane What do we mean by ‘event management?’ The events sector as a whole – which includes corporate events, conferences and trade fairs as well as music, sporting and cultural events – is worth about £40...
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Has the time come to relaunch your career?

Career change expert Joseph Liu reveals how you can successfully relaunch your career in five easy steps. Our work takes up a large proportion of our lives, so gaining fulfilment from what we do is so important. Research by Gallup has revealed only 33.8% of employees are actually satisfied with their work, leaving a large...
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Thoughtful Woman-Future Leaders

Is it time to make a change?

The benefits of changing career and how to go about it. Harrison Ford is well known for film roles such as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. However, before becoming a full-time actor, he spent 15 years as a professional carpenter. Anybody can make a career change and it doesn’t have to involve becoming a celebrity....
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Career Change

11 effective tips for successful career change

A career change can be frustrating at any point in your life. Having to start all over is a daunting experience and a challenge, same as any other major change we must do in our lives. Knowing that the most promising career options change with time, career changes become more and more common among people....
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A career change at 30-something

Are you always day dreaming about a perfect career with your fingers crossed that it will happen some day? London is packed with almost endless opportunities, so you can decide….are you a dreamer or a someone who will ultimately turn that dream into a reality? Give your career a quick MOT! Answer the following questions...
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How to change your career – easily

How would a teacher with thirty years’ experience switch directions and open their own café, or a mental health nurse migrate into accounting? These are such drastic career changes that they may seem too difficult to come to fruition, but with proper preparation and careful execution, you can pull off a 180 career-switch, irrespective of...
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Looking for a new job in 2017 but don’t know your Google Docs from your Dropbox? Don’t worry, you’re not alone

Hundreds of thousands of workers considering career changes are concerned they are being left behind. They know that any interviewer worth their salt will want to weed out candidates who think SEO is one step down from the CEO. With that in mind, James Reed, chairman of global recruitment giant REED, has relaunched his global...
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