Mentor, apprentice

Being a first-time mentor is as scary for me as it is for you

I recently embarked on becoming a mentor through SheSays for someone in the advertising industry. I’ve wanted to mentor for a long time, as I believe it’s vital to give a leg up and guidance to those who are passionate and keen to progress. When you work in management, the assumption often made is that...
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talking talent

Focus your development: Your Life, Your Career, Your Game | Talking Talent

Talking Talent recently continued it’s strong coaching presence with Your Life, Your Career, Your Game, showcasing more methods into clarifying and mapping your future. WeAreTheCity attended the coaching day, to listen in on the top tips being shared with the professional women who attended. Taking over a space at the Oxo Tower Wharf on 28...
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How to get a good work life balance (F)

How to make sure work doesn’t take over your life

For many of us, 2016 seemed to just rush past in a whirl. If only we had more time to do all the things that really matter! What happened to spending more time with friends and family, finally learning that language or going to the gym? Yet often work leaves us with little time and...
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Inspirational Woman: Jo Lyon | Co-founder & Managing Director of Talking Talent

Eleven years ago, I realised the common thread between my coaching sessions with women; regardless of career advancement, many women still struggle to navigate male-dominated work environments, achieve work-life balance, and sustain a career after having children. My work in headhunting, HR and coaching gave me the opportunity to engage and support hundreds of women...
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Rina Goldenberg Lynch featured

Inspirational Woman: Rina Goldenberg Lynch | Founder and Managing Director of Voice At The Table

Rina Goldenberg Lynch is the Founder and Managing Director at training specialist Voice at The Table. She offers 20 years of experience as a City lawyer and executive and brings with her the wealth of skills that a corporate career imparts. In recent years, She has been working on diversity and inclusion matters, helping develop D&I...
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jess wright periscope featured

Coach: Jess Wright, Periscope Works | Career Change and Transition Coaching

Jess specialises in career transition coaching, enabling clients to work out what they really want to do and then helping them to make it a reality. She work with clients across a variety of sectors and has coached clients from backgrounds as diverse as Finance and Trading, Marketing and Production, the Armed Services, Engineering, and...
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Annie Ashdown

Coach: Annie Ashdown | Life Executive and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Working with a coach will help you to get from where you are to where you want to be. I offer you a safe space to see yourself more clearly; I do this by listening to you, asking focused questions, reflecting back, challenging you and helping you discover not only your ambitions but also your...
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Poised to jump off that career ladder? Hard working yet it’s NOT working for you? Simply want to do what you’re passionate about?

Have you allowed yourself while working, travelling to & fro or in the shower to transport yourself and ponder upon a different choice of… career, different way to exist and in a different environment? Or have you experienced a strong feeling of longing, saudade (to quote a form of Portuguese and Brazilian music)? Can’t quite...
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