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Coach: Beautifying Life

If you’re looking for a new coach Beautifying Life dedicated to coaching women to strive to live the life they truly desire and to achieve success in whatever form they so wish. Beautifying Life is currently running coaching programmes on self confidence, motivation, career guidance, achieving and setting goals and health and wellbeing. Beautifying Life...
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Authentic Leadership ….The Six Distinctions of Highly Successful Women

Over the past decade I have had the privilege of working with thousands of women all over the world in seminars, workshops and through coaching.  I noticed common themes coming though and in 2003 we run out first survey called Women Leaders Speak Out. This level of exposure to highly successful women meant that we...
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Jenny Garrett

Coach: Jenny Garrett | Executive Coach

See Jenny Garrett, Executive Coach, in this video – Would you follow you? Over the last 10 years, Jenny has coached and mentored formally and informally in various roles at the centre of organisational change. She has held senior marketing roles in organisations such as Schroders and Hamptons International, gaining considerable insight into organisational life...
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Inspirational Woman: Lynne Franks | Leading Women’s Empowerment Guru | Myriam O’Carroll

Lynne Franks started her own PR and media company when she was just 20 years old. Her clients included famous artists and fashion designers, as well as leading international brands. Lynne grew to become probably the most well known PR lady in the world. She is also known to be the inspiration behind the famous...
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Weekly News, Networks and lifestyle Digest 5/4/2012

As some of us celebrate Easter and others the Passover, we thought we would remind you all of what has gone on this week leading upto a 4 Day long weekend in the UK!  Let’s hope the weather holds out. Our latest Coach – Executive & Life The Light Room Consultancy – Life & Executive...
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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You know what you want. You challenge yourself often. You have discovered your dreams, and you are on your way to make them happen. At least, this is what you believe.I was in that position often enough. Everything that I wanted seemed to be within reach – perhaps not right now, but in the near...
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Build Confidence for a Better Tomorrow

We all know that feeling in the pit of the stomach when it feels like you have a dozen butterflies dancing around in there.  Maybe it is even so bad that you feel physically sick.  I remember the last time I felt like that like it was yesterday, even though it is probably quite a...
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Love yourself on Valentines Day

That is not as strange as it may seem. As anyone who knows true love will tell you, the more love that you give, the more you receive. This starts an amazing circle of ever increasing love, which makes your eyes shine; your energy level rises and improves every aspect of your life. According to...
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