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Inspirational Woman: Kelly Angood | UK Manager of Design, Tech and Hardware at Indiegogo UK and Founder of The Pop-Up Pinhole Co

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and what you do currently My Name is Kelly Angood, I’m the UK Manager of Design, Tech and Hardware at Indiegogo UK – the world’s global crowdfunding platform. I’m passionate about revolutionising the way products are made by giving creators and makers access to capital, and my mission...
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Inspirational Woman: Fleur Bothwick | Director of Diversity & Inclusive Leadership – EMEIA

Did you ever sit down and plan your career? Actually I didn’t and that is the wrong answer to give because I think a career benefits from a bit of planning! Instead of going to university I went travelling in Australia and when I got home I temped until I fell in to a role...
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Political Savvy: The Rules of the Game for Corporate Women by Michelle Brailsford

What makes an individual successful in the “political arena”? According to Dr. Rick Brandon and Dr. Marty Seldman, successful politicians possess both mental empowerment (they “think and feel” positively about politics) and the skills to build a powerful reputation, network and presence within the organisation. Plenty of women excel at public relations, relationship building and...
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Heather White

Coach: Heather White | Networking Coach

I’m known as a Networking & Personal Brand Expert and Boardroom Match-Maker and I speak, train, coach and write about these skills and opportunities. As a professional networker I love connecting people and have created a unique service called, Boardroom Ready. Using our networking expertise and our connections, Boardroom Ready matches senior executives from FTSE500...
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