Marcello: Love in the City | 14 | I insulted my date

This is a serialisation of the novel Marcello: Love in the City. This week Marcello accidentally insults his date via text. The second date is always a quandary. I never quite know where to go – in the literal sense. The first date is easy. I have a rolodex of venues in my head (well,...
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sexual violence

Marcello: Love in the City | 11 | A ruinous date in gentrified South London

This is a serialisation of the novel ‘Marcello: Love in the City’. After several failures Marcello decides to start online dating – again. Jane met me at Brockley station. We walked into the Vineyard to find it only half full of people. And yet you could say the bar was packed – with reserved signs....
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Marcello: Love in the City | 9 | My hellish date with a work colleague

This is a serialisation of the novel ‘Marcello: Love in the City’. This week Marcello goes on a date with his work colleague, Charlotte. We met up on a wet afternoon. It was strange seeing Charlotte in her casual array, she had dispensed with her pencil skirt and heels and gone for a many layered...
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Marcello: Love in the City | 6 | My date with an East London hipster

This is a serialisation of the novel ‘Marcello: Love in the City’. After being rejected by a corporate lawyer Marcello, the dating blogger, meets a chipper charity worker. Online dating. I supposed it is all a bit like job hunting: a steady flow of rejection, interspersed with the occasional prospect. Already the process was robotic,...
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I tried to emulate a TV star on a date – and ruined everything

People do cool things on TV. We all know that. TV action heroes are forever rolling out of cars and pursuing shadowy assailants; they leap across rooftops and dive through window glass – all the while racing against the metaphorical clock. These heroes, these men (for they are often men) are utterly driven. Needles to...
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Why You Should Never Talk Politics on a Date

There is something unseemly about discussing politics on a date. On a first date anyway. First dates should be about the star-fire of urbane humour and charming, self-deprecating chatter. First dates are for talking about your wonderful friends (honestly, they’re like my family) and offering moist-eyed anecdotes about your cherubic nephews. First dates should also...
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