gender bias
Gender Bias Infographic Sage People featured

The impact of gender bias in the workplace | Infographic

This latest infographic from Sage People provides an in-depth overview of the current position of gender biases in the workplace.  Image credit: Sage People
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Becoming a ‘tightrope walker’

As a child I saw my mother, the first female manager at a utilities-sector consulting firm, face significant gender bias at work. Both men and women struggled to accept her as a woman in a position of authority. My mother developed a thick skin in order to deal with the micro-aggressions that she encountered in...
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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek speaks candidly about gender in the workplace: “Men feel entitled to ask for a raise”

Salma Hayek has spoken out about body image, beauty standards and workplace attitudes in a candid interview. Opening up to NET-A-PORTER’s digital magazine The EDIT, Hayek discussed why she believes women don’t demand more money at work. Hayek told the publication that “women work harder than men”, but “don’t feel good enough”: ‘Women work harder...
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geena davis

Geena Davis: “Companies need to take active steps to counteract unconscious gender bias”

Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis recently spoke out about the advertising market, unconscious bias and how women should advocate for themselves.  The star of Thelma and Louise founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media over a decade ago, which educates and researches on gender equality in the media. The institute aims to educate content...
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