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Taking the trouble to encourage girls in science | Dr Julie Mills

I was inspired by a blog my colleague, Jane Horridge, wrote recently about the problems around encouraging women and girls to take up STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. It made me think about the way women in those fields are so quickly forgotten as soon as a man comes along doing something similar....
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African Science Academy for Girls 2017 featured

The African Science Academy | Re-inventing Africa, one girl at a time

  The African Science Academy (ASA) is Africa’s leading girls only science and math school. Based in Ghana, ASA takes amazing young women, from less advantaged backgrounds, who are passionate about science and technology from all across Africa on full scholarships. For the 2016/17 academic year, 24 students came from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ethiopia and Uganda. The...
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62% of girls would like to see more encouragement from female coders, developers and lab scientists

62% of girls have admitted that they would like to see more encouragement from women who are coders, developers and lab scientists, according to research. A report, from Microsoft, found that 53% of girls aged between 11 and 30 said that despite there being a lot of role models available in science, technology, engineering and...
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Totaljobs and STEMettes co-founder encourage more women to enter STEM

Totaljobs and STEMettes co-founder, Jacquelyn Guderley have joined forces to inspire and encourage more women to enter STEM. To do this, they have created motion illustrations, each depicting the journey and biases many young girls endure early on in their STEM journey. Recent statistics show that women make up just 14.4 per cent of the...
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