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Sign Centenary Action, GlitchUK and Level Up’s petition and help #EndOnlineAbuse

Centenary Action and GlitchUK have teamed up with Level Up to #EndOnlineAbuse. In October 2018, the UK Chancellor announced a new Digital Services Tax of two per cent on tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter. This tax is expected to raise an additional £400m a year. Centenary Action, GlitchUK and Level Up are urging...
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How to deal with sexual harassment at work

By Stephanie Rowe Sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly still commonplace. Many suffer in silence, too ashamed or afraid to speak out against it. Read this article for practical advice and learn how to put a stop to sexual harassment for good. Overview Many of us still imagine sexual harassment to be something from...
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Are you struggling with an untouchable boss and a Ted Baker culture?

“I started Organise because I didn’t see anywhere for people who spot problems at work to proactively fix them,” says Nat Whalley, Executive Director of Organise, the site which launched the petition against “forced hugs” and “ear kissing” at Ted Baker. This has since resulted in founder Ray Kelvin taking a leave of absence, and...
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Bullying is still rife in the workplace, but what are your rights?

As part of our focus on Anti-Bullying Week, our resident lawyer Henry Doswell explains your rights and the laws protecting you against bullying in the workplace. In the UK it has been reported that over 60% of employees have witnessed or been a victim of bullying behaviour in the workplace. Of those bullied, 43% said...
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Men sometimes confuse sexual interest and consent, study finds

A new study has found that some men confuse sexual interest with consent, and some assume that previously having sex with a woman implies consent ever after.  Published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, researchers at Binghamton University and Rush University in Chicago, conducted a study to determine factors that could predict the likelihood of...
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Natalie Portman: “I’ve endured sexism on almost every project I’ve worked on”

Natalie Portman has opened up about her own experiences of sexism and sexual harassment following the allegations emerging from the industry. The Black Swan actress said that at first she felt lucky that she had never been the victim of assault or abuse, but on further reflection she realised she had endured “discrimination and harassment”...
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Are you comfortable calling out inappropriate behaviour?

How do you think your organisation would respond if you raised an issue around inappropriate behaviour? Would you have the confidence to call it out if it happened to you or you witnessed it?  What would you do if a colleague told you they had been subjected to harassment? These questions are timely as we’ve read...
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Actresses discuss equal pay and harassment: “People don’t speak up because they’re afraid they’ll never work again”

Six of Hollywood’s biggest actresses discussed equal pay and harassment at work for an actress roundtable. In Hollywood Reporter‘s roundtable, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Mary J. Blige, Emma Stone, Allison Janney and Saoirse Ronan all spoke about the workplace ‘culture of abuse’ and the gender pay gap. Speaking about the recent sexual harassment allegations that...
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