Worlds top fitstagrammer earns a third of male counterpart’s income

Despite making up 84 per cent of Instagram’s fitness bloggers, women are still being paid significantly less than male bloggers. Sommer Ray, the most popular ‘fitstagrammer’ on Instagram, is estimated to earn £4 million a year. The fitness star can earn $26,275 (£20,000) per post – which amass up to 500,000 likes – with the images...
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Expressing your creativity could benefit your health and career

New research has suggested that millennials could be approaching a ‘creativity crisis’. A survey from art app Bloom found that almost three quarters of those surveyed regretted not going for a more creative career. It also discovered that 64 per cent of respondents felt they were failing to live up to their creative potential, with that...
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Female Doctors

Women suffering period pain urged to be checked by GP for endometriosis

Women suffering from period pain have been advised to see their doctor for signs of endometriosis, amid concerns that GP’s need to be more aware of the disease. New NHS guidance, the first-ever on endometriosis, says women are waiting seven and a half years on average for a diagnosis. The disease, which affects one in...
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Exercise could help to combat postnatal depression, research suggests

Exercising could effectively reduce symptoms of postnatal depression, according to a new study. Physical activity of any kind could be a preventative measure against depression among all postpartum women, and aerobic exercise should be considered as a “management option” for new mothers. The research, from the University of Birmingham was published in the British Journal...
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women worrying about money featured

The real impact money can have on our health

Is money destroying your health? Money is an important resource because everyone needs things in life to survive, give pleasure, save time and maintain good health. It is a flexible resource and can be used to obtain goods and services, experiences and even knowledge if you are willing to invest some time as well. It’s...
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Feeling down during winter? Five ways to help elevate your mood

There is nothing we can do about it- winter is here. And it’s the UK, so who knows how long it will last for! Unfortunately for many of us the lack of sunshine and short days can be accompanied by a feeling of gloom and low mood. Ever wonder why humans don’t hibernate? You’re not...
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Six ways meditation can improve your physical wellbeing

Meditation describes a whole range of practices and techniques which are used to focus the mind and create a state of relaxation. Some of the common meditation techniques include chanting mantras, focusing on breathing, body scans and reciting positive affirmations. What all of these techniques have in common is that, by putting us into a...
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Businesses raise awareness for cervical cancer

Businesses across the UK are raising awareness for cervical cancer within the workplace. Businesses such as GSK, Action for Charity, Middlesborough Council and NHS England are supporting the new Time to Test campaign, pledging to raise awareness of cervical cancer within their workplace and allowing female employees the time needed to attended smear test appointments....
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